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Top Trending South Africa: Hashtag – #MissSA2020 May 20

Top trending in South Africa today, unfortunately, revolves around allegations of racism. Bianca Schoombe has decided to withdraw from the #MissSA2020 contest. Social media posts got leaked to Twitter and fans think it must be someone very close to the South African aspiring beauty.

Top trending hashtag #MissSA2020 – SYNC Models reveals Bianca’s withdrawal

On Twitter, not longer after the reveals that Bianca seems racist, SYNC Models on Twitter said that she withdrew from the Miss South Africa 2020 contest. Many followers were livid that the agency opted to put it that way. They felt the agency defended her, instead of speaking out and saying they won’t tolerate racism.


Their tweet read, “Bianca Schoombe has decided to withdraw from the #MissSA2020 contest and SYNC Models supports her decision.” One furious follower wrote about the top trending hashtag incident, “Now we need to cancel you for defending her @sync_models.” The comment racked up nearly 1,000 likes in less than an hour. Another person noted, “I think people are missing something important. Bianca was exposed for her racist behaviour & her agency had the option to cut ties with her but instead chose to whitewash her comments. I hope Black models stay away from Sync Models.”


Furious people comment that it doesn’t matter how old the racism was

The agency originally noted that Bianca apparently used racist terms years ago. But that still doesn’t make it right, many people think. One person commented, “Yep we all saw that. Not only whitewash but literally defended her actions with the “it was 6/7 years ago” b/s – May we never forget.” Another person wrote, “I agree. This says alot about the agency. In spite of all the evidence that were brought forth against Bianca the agency chose to support her instead of taking disciplinary actions. Racism should not be tolerated.”

Actually, the M.D.U account gave other people some very good advice about social media. You can see the tweet below:


More tweets about Bianca under #MissSA2020

Here’s what some other people said on Twitter:


Do you agree that it’s best Bianca got found out now? As one follower said, imagine she won, went on, became famous, and later it all came out? Sound off in the comments below.

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