McDonald’s Open More Delivery Stores In South Africa


McDonald’s, like other many fast-food outlets, started delivering orders soon after Level 4 started. But now the company CEO, Greg Solomon hopes for further relaxation of the rules. The company hopes to convince the government that providing drive-thru services can be done safely.

McDonald’s opens more store for delivery, but hope for Drive-thru permissions

On May 20, The McDonald’s SA Twitter account tweeted that they plan on reopening a lot more stores for delivery. But in Level 3, Solomon hopes for permissions to extend to drive-thru services. He told ENCA, “We’ve humble and we’re thankful for opening up delivery but it’s just over 10% of our total business, it is almost like taking our eight million customers a month and saying go use delivery,'”


Business not sustainable as a delivery option only

While the CEO of McDonald’s mentioned to ENCA that as it stands they can’t “sustain delivery” for much longer, will Cyril Ramaphosa’s stake help them with their pleas?

The South Website suggests the president might be listening:

More McDonald’s open for delivery in SA – and drive-thrus may return soon


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