COVID-19 Government Quarantine

COVID-19 South Africa: Netflix Can’t Keep You In Bed All Day In Govt Quarantine


COVID-19 government quarantine meant rescue for me from Switzerland where I ended up stuck when they went under lockdown. Finally, arriving in Boksburg at the hotel, things initially felt rather comfortable. But, confinement’s confinement, wherever you are. Soon, I felt the need to get off the bed in front of the TV and exercise.

COVID-19 quarantine seemed comfortable

Official quarantine in South Africa seems organised and comfortable. That said, confinement to a room, even a warm and comfortable hotel room, gets tiresome after ten days. Concerned that I preferred the snacks to the packed meals, I began marking off the days to possible freedom with a little more enthusiasm. Every day my pajama pants appeared to grow tighter with each delivery of chocolate bars and muffin snacks.

The point of no return arrived quickly. With nobody permitted to deliver extra-large pajamas to the hotel, my pj’s soon strained to their limit. I had to exercise. Never a yoga fan, the ‘down dog’ makes me dizzy – low blood pressure – possibly. I decided work should focus on my steps program during COVID-19 quarantine.

Smartphone reminders about quarantine exercise

My smartphone loves advising me in a cheerful congratulatory tone when I have achieved my goal for the day. And worse, it reminds me when I fail. A stab of electronic guilt rises as the inevitable sad face appears in my messages advising me I failed.

The message points out that I let down my electronic companion who waits for me. It expects hard work and lots of sweat. After a few days of stabbing her with my finger in deletion efforts, I finally abandoned the tight pj’s and started walking. The hotel room used for COVID-19 quarantine was approximately 10 metres long from the shower to the door.

6,000 steps in a space of 14m

If I added the two-metre distance between the walkway and the walls behind the twin beds, I could manage 14 metres to the door. At the door, I took my regulated and enforced two steps outside. Then I returned to my room and repeated it all over. And repeat. And repeat. And repeat. Day 1, I managed 3000 steps and from there quickly progressed to 6000 steps a day.

If nothing else, 6000 steps with a mask on help check the state of your breath. It is also evidence that even Netflix can’t keep you in bed for an entire day during COVID-19 quarantine!

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