COVID-19 south africa quarantine

COVID-19 South Africa Government Quarantine, Delayed Test Results


COVID-19 government quarantine became a reality for our writer after she got stuck in Switzerland.  After some time in a hotel facility in Boksburg, Johannesburg,  she began to hear the wonderful sound of suitcases being wheeled toward the front gates. People were leaving!

COVID-19 South Africa quarantine – you can’t leave without test results

SAns Newsfeed recently reported that Suzie ended up in quarantine. Despite the comfort of the hotel and plenty of decent food, things wore thin. The need for exercise and TV boredom set in. But then people started leaving the facility and excitement mounted. However, nobody left until they got their test results.

Suzie notes, yes. I admit it. I am not a brave soul after all. Turns out I would make a terrible prisoner as  I was literally green with envy of those with favorable results – i.e. negative COVID-19  tests. They were advised they could leave for home immediately. I had to give myself a stern talking to and I put my big-girl-panties on to knuckle down patiently when the nurses on site assured me my results would come in soon.

Delayed test results for some people

My tests didn’t come back. At least, not as soon as some others.  I wasn’t alone. One family received three of their four test results but couldn’t leave without the last one. Naturally, they started getting a little agitated. Agitation spreads as fast as COVID. I found myself out of the room more and more often to see who else was still awaiting release in my immediate vicinity.

Next, the family of four left gleefully, waving goodbye as they trundled their way to the front gate, and eventually, I started feeling very sorry for myself. The upside of our group being reduced to around a dozen meant that our meals were delivered whilst still piping hot. I could also sneak out my room and include the first flight of nearby stairs in my daily step workout. That vastly improved my health and relationship with my electronic step recorder. But it did little to cheer me up during my COVID-19 incarceration.

Some poor people tested positive

Some unfortunate people tested positive. They were whisked off to another facility in Midrand. No doubt, that facility provided much more serious care and fewer luxuries. This illness seems so random. One of four young men who shared a room and hookah whilst on a rugby tour in Europe was positive. The other three were released with negative results. Let’s pray they remain healthy.

Finally, my COVID-19 test results arrived and a rather tense discussion with a nurse followed. Turns out our last dozen results were sent to the wrong hotel. We were released at 4.30 pm shortly after the tests found their way to Boksburg. The hotel assured us we could stay one more night if necessary. But once the promise of freedom beckoned, it’s a very sweet feeling. So,  I was packed and at the gate in 20 minutes. Fortunately, the love of my life felt the same way and was already waiting for me.

COVID-19 does not discriminate

COVID-19 does not discriminate on race, health, status, or personal beliefs. And, for my group with different race and status, the government too, didn’t discriminate. We all received the same care and attention. Thankfully, most of us reunited with our families, just in time for Level 4 to loom on the horizon.

Remember to check back with SAns Newsfeed for more news about South Africa during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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