South Africa Top 5 news stories

South Africa: 5 Top News Stories This Week Includes A Tour Operator Selling Meat

South Africa braced for news about Level 3 the whole week. Many people hope for fast-tracking the road back to the economy. Even large businesses like McDonald’s wonder how long they can sustain deliveries only. Here are 5 top news stories from the week. One of them includes a tour operator reduced to selling meat.

South Africa – 5 top stories this week – McDonald’s, tour operator, and more

The COVID-19 lockdown levels leave the nation divided. Those fearing the opening of schools and more businesses worry about more infections from the coronavirus. Meanwhile, people who lose their jobs, and those who employ them stress about the slow re-opening of the economy. SAns Newsfeed reported that even the giant food outlet,  McDonald’s worries that deliveries only, cannot be sustained for long.

Meanwhile smaller businesses, especially tour operators feel the pinch.  AP News reported that Dlamini, who runs a tour company out of Soweto, turned to selling meat. She told the outlet that using her car as a mobile shop, she sells “Ribs, pork trotters, beef bones.” She said those make up the most popular cuts in South Africa. Luckily, she gets some “repeat” orders.

Cape Town becomes the main COVID-19 hotspot

While the DA push for the opening of the economy, their main support base comes from the Cape. Unfortunately, Cape Town became the top virus “hot-spot” in the country, Yahoo News shared.  In fact, the city’s now one of the top hot-spots on the continent of Africa.  In fact, the outlet noted, “12,000 confirmed cases as of Thursday,” represent 63% of South Africa’s 19,000 cases and about 10% of Africa’s 95,000 cases.”

South Africa Top 5 stories Yahoo

The Minister of Health, Zwelini Mkhize noted to the press, that they didn’t project those figures and promised more “intervention.” Speculation suggests that many tourists from overseas to the popular city in South Africa may have infected people before they became symptomatic.

First Infant dies of coronavirus complications

Another top story this week involved the sad news that an infant passed away as a result fo the virus. Born prematurely, the child couldn’t cope with respiratory complications. CNN  carried the story, noting that both the baby and the mother tested positive for COVID-19. Despite their efforts that medical staff tried with a ventilator, treatment failed.

Infant dies from COVID-19

Speaking about the infant, the Health Minister for South Africa,  Zweli Mkhize also talked about the tragic death of a  “health worker in the Western Cape province.”

Banks decide remote jobs fit the bill – no rush to re-open in-house facilities

With many businesses preparing for re-opening next month when level 3 kicks in, the banking sector’s not in such a rush. Bloomberg reported that “Chief Executive Officer Fani Titi” of Investec said they see no need for everyone back in the office. It seems that remote work fits many positions. “We have established that we can work very effectively from outside of the building,” he said.

Actually, even in the future, he sees no need for so many people cramming into their workspace. In fact, this could be one prime example of how the pandemic in South Africa, and across the world impacts the way corporations do big business post-COVID-19.

south africa 5 top stories 2

Remember to check back with SAns Newsfeed often for more top news stories in South Africa.

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