Level 3 game parks

Level 3: Game Parks & Accommodation Restrictions Ease But Confusion Grows

Level 3 lockdown South Africa COVID-19

Level 3 lockdown arrives in South Africa on the 1st of June. Over the weekend, the easing of restrictions pertaining to game parks got announced. Accommodation restrictions ease up under strict regulations. However, these changes bring so much confusion, that many people complain they now have no idea what’s going on.

Level 3 Game Parks and Accommodation

SAns Newsfeed reported on May 26, that “some easing of restrictions is limited to essential travel, essential business, or hotels in use as quarantine facilities. But, the tourism industry remains hopeful that self-catering accommodation may get a green light.” Well, some easing of the regulations now means that “accommodation establishments may…only serve those who can show they are travelling on business,” Business Insider reports.

It’s not clear how persons prove that their stay in accommodation units are for business purposes. But, tourism minister Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane promised that “hotels, lodges, and guest houses” must prove their guests never booked for leisure purposes. At the same time, welcome news came that game parks open for self-guided excursions during level 3.

People may hike or game-drive but not overnight

Day-trippers who remain in their own province may now hop in the car, go to a game park and drive themselves around. Hikers may take off in the wilderness for a day. You may even go hunting. But, everyone must start their activity after 6.am and end it by 6.pm. Under no circumstances may these people stay overnight.

Welcome news, indeed, for those who love the outdoors. But on Twitter, the regulations seem very confusing, Taken along with other restrictions, some people feel that Level 3 brings more complexities than ever. For example, one person pointed out that fishing cannot take place. But, they believe the sport’s naturally a socially-distanced activity.

Confusion on social media

When News 24 shared the new easing of game parks rules on Twitter, people expressed their confusion. Naturally, people grow concerned about accommodation. Some people who travel for business seem concerned as they don’t know how to prove they are travelling for business.

Others wonder why surfing never got the green light. After all, they argue that sitting in the sea far from the beaches hardly makes them likely to infect anyone with COVID-19. Generally, all these changes just confuse people. One person noted, ” Everything about the lockdown is so contradicting…..i was never so confused in my life like now with all these sh*t they feed us, (sic).”

Freelancers and sole prop business owners look cut off from using accommodation

In the thread on Twitter, someone shared the news that some accommodation businesses explain their requirements. For example, the Tsogo Sun requires documented proof that the person holds a “CICP certificate.” The business still needs to be registered as an essential service. But those people who own sole prop businesses can’t get that.

Unfortunately, the registration process requires a company registration number, and sole props only operate their banking business accounts under their ID numbers. That cuts out anyone who hopes to do any kind of business without an essential service permit. For the average person, that means nothing changed when it comes to booking accommodation during Level 3.

What do you think about the easing of Level 3 restrictions on hiking, hunting, and game drives? Your thoughts on accommodation? Sound off in the comments below.

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