COVID-19 alcohol must fall south africa

COVID-19 Alcohol Activists Trend #AlcoholMustFall After Alcohol Ban Lifted (Opinion)

COVID-19 alcohol

COVID-19: South African’s delightedly queued outside bottle stores before 09h00 on Monday morning. Judging by the photographs on social media, many were not simply buying a few drinks for their home bar. Actually, they visibly stocked up in case the government retracts the easing of restrictions. Every drinker knows that cigarette smoking ended up retracted and remains in place. So laying in alcohol stocks sits on many minds.

COVID-19 alcohol ban lifted #AlcoholMustFall trends

Lifting the bad seems rather controversial, though. Soon, videos of drunks started circulating in the name of social distancing. Nosipo Makamba of the EFF in the Western Cape quickly posted a tweet, calling for people to stay sober and at home. She has a point, as the Western Cape boasts the highest incidence of COVID-19 in South Africa. The tweeted video showed that social distancing sometimes falls by the wayside when drunk.

Historically, banning alcohol longterm increased gangsterism and bootlegging. Should the ban be re-implemented, alcohol, like cigarettes, will go back underground during COVID-19. The sin taxes in South Africa are significantly high and at least the drinkers contribute to the national coffers this week.

Banning alcohol never stopped alcoholism

Banning alcohol never stopped alcoholism. And, drinkers find their substance of abuse one way or the other as proven by several tragic incidents of death by homebrew. If a person willing risks death by drinking homemade alcohol, then COVID-19 and social distancing certainly take a distant second or third place in their lives. Alcoholism is not driven by availability. It is driven by a desperation that only alcohol can ease. Banning it does nothing. The only way an alcoholic stops drinking comes from their own personal desire to stop. This is commonly only managed through assistance via self-help programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (contact number 0861435722) or psychotherapy.

So, enjoy your tipple while you can in South Africa. The anti-alcohol brigade rocks Twitter with loud voices right now using the #AlcoholMustFall hashtag. Bear in mind, that a “bill presented to parliament wants to totally ban alcohol for drivers,” Times Live reported. Could the ban on alcohol during COVID-19 have been a way of preparing the way? Sound off in the comments or in our forum. – Please drink responsibly, don’t drink and drive.

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