COVID-19 North West

COVID-19: Reallocated North West Province Cases Mainly Relate To Rustenburg

COVID-19 stats

COVID-19 stats released on Tuesday revealed a spike in cases for the North West. The 1st of June figures sat at 187. However, updates for June 2nd revealed a much higher number of  271 cases. The spike came as cases underwent reallocation after data harmonization and verification of addresses,” according to

COVID-19 cases in North West jump, people wonder where

The newly updated statistics showed that 74 of the 84 new reallocated cases applied. Most of the short Twitter snippets never mentioned where these extra cases were allocated to. One person asked, “Are there outbreaks in Klerksdorp & Rustenburg?” Then, another tweet read: “Thanks but [it] doesn’t tell us where in the North West the 74 cases are allocated. Eg maybe 3 in Matlosana or 10 in Rustenburg etc.”

The press statement on the South African Government website notes that the “majority of these cases” relate to mines in Rustenburg area. The site also updated the recoveries that stand at 59. The death cases still remain at 1, which sounds encouraging. However, the mines remain a big concern for the government as they employ large numbers of people. Sometimes, they work in the North West Province but might come in from other areas.

MEC Madoda Sambatha on Rustenburg mining

In the same statement, MEC Madoda Sambatha said that the mines [became] hotspots for coronavirus in the Province.” He added, “more effort is needed to curb the disease from spreading to mining communities.” He noted that those mineworkers coming in from “hotspot provinces like Western Cape, Gauteng and the Eastern Cape should be screened and tested before they…start work.”

Mining companies got a reminder that if they lagged “behind in terms of compliance and case management,” they should “work with district health chief directors to ensure compliance.”

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