South Africans desires during COVID-19

South Africans Share Their Heartfelt Desires During COVID-19

COVID-19 South Africa

South Africans on Twitter say a lot of things about COVID-19. Across the political, racial, and status divides, it seems everyone with access to a phone takes a different stand on how the government deals with the virus. So, Saturday, June 6th seems a breath of fresh air when the #SBWL trend started. Under the hashtag, many people just talked about their heartfelt desires.

South Africans talk about their desires under the #SBWL hashtag

For those who don’t know the origins of the hashtag, Quick Read Magazine explained a bit about it. They explain that it originates from a Xhosa word, “sabaweli.” The slang term got coined by people with a preference for the same gender. Relating to things people “desire, crave, wish for, fancy, want, or yearn” for, often they seem unattainable at the time.

During COVID-19, South Africans yearn for all sorts of things. And, they don’t all revolve around wealth and status. In fact, some heartfelt desires seem almost tragic in their simplicity. The coronavirus might bring discord and fear, but it also reveals that everyone shares needs and wants, no matter where they stand on the social ladder. From hoping for an affordable legal cigarette to a decent amount of Twitter followers, and more, people opened up their hearts in their posts.

Answered prayers, jobs, new beginnings and more

Some people simply want a chicken takeaway, others yearn for God to answer a few prayers in this gloomy world. One secondary school teacher echoes many parents’ desires. They wrote, “#SBWL…safe teaching and learning for my grade 12s. Covid19 free environment is what we rooting for.” Another thing troubling people during these difficult economic times relates to basic necessities.

This person yearned for a helping hand as the electricity meter ticks down:

Those South Africans separated from their families during COVID-19 yearn for the day that they can freely travel again. One tweeter shared, “to go home and see my Queen Grandmother.” Others hope that the travel restrictions get lifted soon. They miss seeing other places after such long confinement. And, it needn’t be overseas, either. Lesotho will do just fine:

Heartfelt yearning for the good old days

While some people wish for the return of lost love, and missed opportunities, one person shared about how they wish they could turn back time. They noted, “Don’t know what I was thinking, being a grown up it’s hard.” Meanwhile, young people who study just hope they pass their modules and exams so they can get on with their adult lives.

Good jobs sit at the top of many people’s minds. And, jobs become scarcer as businesses struggle under the COVID-19 lockdown:

But possibly, one of the saddest tweets referred to good company and laughter. @LegendarySletz posted up, ” wine, talking cr*p and laughing till tummy hurts!” And that could be the biggest thing missing from the lives of South Africans during COVID-19. Do people actually laugh these days? When did you last hear someone laugh until their tummy hurt and tears ran down their face? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

Remember to check back with SAns Newsfeed often for more news about South Africans living under the COVID-19 lockdown.



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