Eastern Cape COVID-19 Level 3

Eastern Cape Behavior Worrying People As Videos Emerge Of Level 1 Behaviour

Easter Cape Level 3

Eastern Cape residents seemingly tossed aside any lockdown regulations over the weekend. People on social media grow increasingly worried as it seems the residents engage in Level 1 behaviour. Naturally, calls come for a return to Level 4 or 5 for the province. But, as the government never implemented a staged hot-spot lockdown, law-abiding citizens fear everyone ends up punished for it.

Eastern Cape residents act as if COVID-19 disappeared overnight

Saturday night saw Twitterati slamming the large gatherings. In some places, videos emerged that looked very much a like a street party. That’s despite the fact alcohol’s supposedly not sold on weekends. Recall that the President told people how they live in Level 3 is now in their hands. Unfortunately, the people in Eastern Cape might undo any good behaviour elsewhere, people fear.

It’s never easy to establish if videos online are actually current, or not. But, for most people, if they see a video on Twitter, they believe it. Fake news? Not if you worry about your near and dear during the coronavirus. Neither do those with an agenda seem to question it either. Possibly, those opposing the alcohol ban rub their hands with glee as they trumpet their findings on social media. Notably, very few of the videos can be verified. However, even if one or two show what really happens in the Eastern Cape right now, concerns seem justified.


Twitter trends #Easterncape

ENCA reported at the end of the week that “Nearly 80 percent of confirmed COVID-19 cases are from the Western and Eastern Cape and 90 percent of deaths have been reported in those provinces.” Health officials fear the province now develops a coronavirus outbreak in a similar fashion as the Western Cape.  Figures reported this weekend indicate that the province now has 5,629 cases and 101 deaths. So when disturbing videos appear on Twitter, people fear reversals of eased restrictions.

One person noted on Twitter, “Covid19 [soon hits] Eastern Cape hard and we not prepared.” Another one commented, “Eastern Cape…that Kid that ruins things for other kids but always seems to get away with it with adults. EC doesn’t care a dem, [sic].”

Here’s a few other comments from Twitter:

  • “eastern cape never fails to disappoint.”
  • “honestly disappointing.”
  • “Eastern Cape…just vibes shame.”
  • “They gonna bring back the alcohol ban!”

Sharing a video, this Twitter user seemed very sad and concerned:

Police try and break up gatherings in homes

King Williams Town police removed plenty of people from one house. It seems that masks get set aside, and people gather as usual. Port Elizabeth also brought similar scenes of people disregarding social distancing. Alarmed people commented that the province should revert to level 4 or 5. But, others think the logistics make that very difficult. Moderate drinkers commented that they fear the alcohol ban gets reimposed because of irresponsible behaviour.

What do you think should happen with the Eastern Cape? Will everyone nationwide end up punished for irresponsible behaviour in that province? Sound off in the comments below.

Remember to check back with SAns Newsfeed for more news about South Africa during COVID-19 lockdown level 3.


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