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EFF Commander In Chief, Julius Malema Slams Cops After Family Rape

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EFF Commander, Julius Malema took to Twitter on June 8 and angrily slammed the police. It came after an alleged rape. He said that the prosecutor and the police let the attacker off with a warning. People feel sad for his niece, the victim. But, they think he should do more to fix the ills of an ailing police force.

EFF chief said he ‘helped’ arrest the person after his niece got raped

On his Twitter post, Julius noted, “Yesterday I helped the lazy seshego police to arrest a suspect who raped my sister’s 15-year-old daughter.” He added that in two nights, the police “failed to do so.” However, he seemed sadly disappointed with the outcome. Julus tweeted, “the suspect was released on warning by a prosecutor and an officer, on the same day.”

Plenty of people commented on the post by Julius Malema. After all, he’s the EFF Commander and represents a large body of people. Many people noted their sadness for the girl. But, they angrily expressed how this happens every day to ordinary South Americans. They urged him to protest against the inefficiency of the police.

His bother opens a case of ‘defeating the ends of justice’

A second tweet in the thread said that Julius’s brother will open a case. He noted that the grounds for it revolve around rape not falling “under schedule 7 of the criminal procedure act which authorizes such a procedure.” Followers agreed that the case should go further.

One follower tweeted, “Julius, help your brother to take this all the way to the top. Apart from rape, [it] is also underage. Please, also arrange for counseling for your niece as this will impact her psychologically.” Naturally, many people also sent their condolences to the family.

EFF followers urge Julius to do something about the police

While Julius slammed the police, some people got a bit heated about Julius. After all, he’s in an extremely influential position. But, it seems that every day the police act inefficiently, people think. One person said to Julius, “If wena feeling that tell me now how about ordinary south Africans? You guys should do the right things for the people voting n supporting you guys, [sic].”

Another person told the EFF top man, “Corruption is destroying this beautiful country. It start at the top with Politicians and go down till SAPS. Lucky your niece has a politician as an uncle. Imagine those without connections.” Others observed that Julius should focus on problems like this if he really hopes to become a strong leader.

Can Julius address the problems of the police force?

Victims called for Julius to use his position in the EFF to help all women. One follower commented, “I’m sorry fr ur niece, ths is wht u politicians shuld b fighting fr. I ws raped at 7,14, and 16. Fix our justice system. we marched, we screamed and we shouted and u guys r nt hearing us. We are dying #justiceforNaledi dnt tweet it. fix it for all women, [sic].” 

Hopefully, Julius takes on the problem. He spoke out in defense of sexual abuse before. Mail & Guardian, Africa reported that in 2013, Julius said, “Those of you in abusive relationships, those of you who have been raped and are not reporting it, your home is EFF. Come report to us – you will not be judged.” However, at the time, some politicians thought he just tried to move attention away from his own “corruption charges.”

Now that rape hit very close to the EFF Commander’s home, perhaps he’ll try and fight for what so many people plead for: An efficient police force that cares about the community.

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