EFF Black Lives Matter Julius Malema

EFF South Africa Kneel For Black Lives Matter, Julius Malema Speaks (Opinion)

EFF During coronavirus

No one can deny the EFF’s excellent marketing. Black Lives Matter, a group started in the USA spills into South Africa. It gets used for politicking at the hands of the EFF. The organization used the opportunity to attack the President, Cyril Ramaphosa.

No one denies horror of George Floyd’s death

South Africans expressed horror and sadness over the recent death of Collins Khoza at the hands of South African Police. Likewise, outrage gets expressed at the killing of George Floyd in the USA. COVID-19 prevents protests in South Africa but in no way does that mitigate the outrage. The EFF ignored COVID-19 level 3 Lockdown rules to stage their own protest over George Floyd’s death.

Photos on social media showed them kneeling for 8 minutes and 7 seconds outside the US Embassy in Pretoria and other major centres. But, notably, not really for South African Collins Khoza. although his wife joined the protest.  Julius Malema, never one to miss an opportunity for politicking delivered a speech.

Julius Malema raises Marikana again

Marikana, a brutal attack on protesting miners by South African Police is one of EFF’s key weapons against President Cyril Ramaphosa. Malema cites it at every opportunity, claiming Mr Ramaphosa’s business interests in mining are behind it.

He constantly accuses the president of being an economic lackey. It did not take long for him to weave Mr Ramaphosa into his Black Lives Matter speech, attacking the president once again. Certainly, Julius, the leader of the EFF knows the great weapon that oration can be. He uses it very well.

Malema the orator

Give him his due, Malema’s an orator of note. Whatever his opinions and his party’s current determination to drive politics along racial divides, people sit up when he speaks. One of his better points raised today is that “Black people need to respect themselves.” He then proceeded to state that Xenophobia in South Africa makes the world think that black people don’t respect other black people.

Twitteratti responded in their hundreds. Not many agreed that South Africans should embrace and accept African foreigners living in South Africa. That is something notable that he mentioned in his speech. EFF was accused of being Pan Africanist to the point of ignoring South African woes. “Let the foreigners vote for them,” one tweeter spat.  Another comment read, “Good or bad, Julius has publicity down pat. He gets people talking.”

VBS Bank Corruption scandal haunts EFF leadership

Back at the ranch of corruption, News 24 raised the ongoing investigation against the EFF leadership in the VBS scandal. But the outlet took heat for that as well. As one person noted, “You waited long enough to come up with these stories after EFF donated 12 Million to the Solidarity Fund.”

South Africans on Twitter many people think that political parties should focus more on local issues like corruption than worry about George Floyd who died very far away. Sad, yes. But during COVID-19, people in South Africa care more about their own nation.

While Julius Malema raised some good points during the EFF Kneel For Black Lives Matter event, many people just wish more energy went into fixing the day to day problems for South Africans. A prime example is the fact that he said his own niece got raped recently and the attacker got off with a warning.

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