Kruger National Park opens

Kruger Park Takes Casual Day Visitors, Online Bookings Not Yet Working

Kruger Park Opens in LeveL 3

Kruger Park is open and ready for day visitors wearing masks. Staff are back at work and certain health conditions apply. They tweeted about how it works on Monday, June 8. Their website press releases also explained a bit more about it.

Kruger Park reopens partially during the world’s strictest lockdown

After a seemingly endless lockdown, news that parks reopen partially gladdens many South African hearts. Kruger Park’s almost 2 million hectares is an unrivalled jewel in Southern Africa. Self-catering units available throughout the park can ensure social distancing but to date, overnight stays remain closed to the public. While online booking comes soon, on Twitter, the department said that for now, just arrive at the gate.

It seems that there’s something of an electric atmosphere at the gates on reopening. Masks hiding happy smiles cannot disguise the anticipation and excitement of locals entering the park. South Africans interviewed at the gate said they are “Happy to be here.”  Others said they feel “Excited”. Kruger closed completely under the draconian COVID-19 rules laid out for South Africans. Shut down for over two months, even queues at the entrance gates can’t dampen the enthusiasm of guests.

Crossing Provincial borders remains an unanswered question

Twitter lit up with tweets from gleeful visitors. The question for the rest of the country revolves around interprovincial travel. But, if you hope for that, right now, it seems other parks near to home will have to suffice.

According to the official COVID-19 website, borders remain closed for leisure purposes. The Kruger National Park press release specified nothing on the Provincial Borders and only mentions “day visitors”.  The office seems swamped with enquiries as the contact number remains constantly engaged. According to the Lockdown laws, provincial border-crossing permits may take place for documented business purposes only.

Will the police accept Kruger Bookings for businesses soon? While many BNBs and other accommodation units now open for business travellers with permits, Kruger Park itself seems shrouded in mystery on that one.

Remember to check back with SAns Newsfeed often for more news about travel and desire during the COVID-10 Lockdown.


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