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Dinokeng Gauteng’s Gem Game Reserve For Level 3 Day Visitors

Dinokeng Travel during lock down

Dinokeng game park is attracting visitors as Lockdown levels in South Africa continue to restrict travel. Unable to cross provincial borders, Gauteng citizens flocked to Dinokeng Park to celebrate Youth Day.

Dinokeng is a relatively new game park

There were queues at the gate close to Hammanskraal on June 16th, a public holiday in South Africa. Busy staff noted the temperature of every visitor as they completed a COVID-19 health questionnaire.

Dinokeng’s employees were welcoming and excited to receive so many cabin fevered citizens for the day. Dinokeng has an excellent working relationship with communities in the area. Locals work in the park and assist with anti-poaching.

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Gauteng’s Gem

Dinokeng is accessible for Gauteng residents to make day trips. The entrance fee for three adult pensioners totaled R365.00. Non-pensioners pay R125.00 per person plus R50.00 for the vehicle.

The roads are narrow, the speed limit set at 20kms per hour. Oncoming traffic needs to pull over to allow vehicles to pass. On a busy day, this serves to slow all the traffic down, a good thing in a game reserve. It also provides the opportunity for guests to pass on sighting information by word of mouth.

Whilst normal sedans can manage most of the roads, a high clearance vehicle is recommended for both the roads and the game viewing. Currently, the bushveld is thick and dry in the north. A little more open in the South.

Picnic sites for day visitors

The picnic sites were clean and well managed by a friendly site manager. There are fireplaces, some with grids for braaing but pack your own chairs.

Dinokeng App

With good cell phone coverage in the park and the free printed map that carefully marks numbered points along routes, it is easy to report sightings. The sightings remain on the app for up to eight hours. Sightings on Youth Day included giraffes, plains game, mongoose, and cheetah.


Currently, accommodation is not available owing to lockdown restrictions. That said, once COVID-19 passes, there is plenty of choice on the Dinokeng website. All accommodation is privately managed.

The park, being new and created by joining former military land with pre-existing farms, has surprising fences in places where farmers remain in place. There is also a fairly main road that cuts through the northern part of the park. That said, it is an easy drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria and nothing beats COVID-19 blues like a day in the bushveld.

Remember to check back with SAns Newsfeed often for more news about lockdown levels and travel in South Africa.

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