Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese Gibson, ‘Fast And Furious’ Star Slammed By South Africans

Tyrese Gibson annoys COVID South Africa

Tyrese Gibson, best known for Fast and Furious worked up thousands of South Africans who slammed him. Unfortunately, he shared an inaccurate video about slavery in Africa that offended many people. In fact, plenty of them think that foreign celebrities should rather focus on their own countries and leave Africa alone.

Tyrese Gibson gets a lot of hate for sharing dodge slavery post

Tyrese trends in South Africa for all the wrong reasons. The Fast And Furious Star shared a post that showed whites in slavery to blacks. He captioned it with, “The flip….. Get to YouTube this is what’s going on in South Africa.” Now deleted, that makes no difference to South Africans who screenshot it for posterity and promptly shared it across twitter.

And, not all of the people complaining about the fake story were black either. On another post showing a poster of blacks and whites marching and showing the BLM fists, plenty of South Africans also gave him hell. Notably, cmetvng.tv reported that “South African TV personality Bonang Matheba,” lashed back at him.

Twitter and Instagram full of angry South Africans

On Twitter anger rages. Irate, one person noted, “Tyrese lied about wrong nation,that’s why I give zero f–k about black Americans their ignorance is too much, that time Africans worship these idiots y’all need to focus more on our continent dear Africans.” Angrily, another person wrote, “Check yourself fool… This is Africa… We don’t take sh-t… You are “African” American, remember where you came from… English speaking fool… Come to kasi…”

Then, one angry person tagged Trevor Noah, suggesting its high time had a chat with Tyrese.

Meanwhile, over on his Instagram account, more insults and anger flooded Tyrese Gibson’s post. One now ex-fan commented, “You owe South Africans an apology. Your post could’ve spread such dangerous rumours.”

Some Americans just don’t get the anger about the Fast And Furious star

Evidently, some American people simply can’t grasp why Africans became so angry about the post that Tyrese shared. One person told them straight, “do you even know what you’ve done? God give you a blessing and a voice .. you use it for jokes get out of town … read history you will understan what SA went through and why they want their power back from white people.”

Another person told people they should wake up. Fed up, they wrote, “u people who sit on social media looking for a word from total strangers u call celebrities plus have these so call celebrities don’t even work their own accounts #wakeup.”

Relevantly,  the anger seems summed up by a tweeter who commented on Tyrese Gibson’s account: “USA is dealing with BlackLivesMatter and you are inciting racial conflict in South Africa, Shame on you.”

South Africans in no mood for faked hype

Apologizing, a follow-up post on Instagram by Tyrese also got slammed with this comment: “It was never about you or how well you take hits. You’re wrong for what you tried to flip. Stop making it like we’re bored, bothered and trolling you for no good reason. Post about our femicide rates, if you’re really trying to help.”

Right now, South Africa suffers under some of the most stringent lockdown rules in the world. Sadly, there’s a growing problem with gender violence. Frustrated, the nation went without alcohol or cigarettes for months as armed soldiers patrolled their neighbourhoods. In fact, some people lost their lives to security forces and police action. Meanwhile, the economy crashes and hundreds of thousands of jobs went under.

Furthermore, the coronavirus pandemic still didn’t reach a peak in the country. Now might not be the best time for foreign celebrities to comment about South Africa and race issues, it seems.

What do you think about Tyrese Gibson sharing fake news about slavery that clearly showed the wrong scenario? Sound off in the comments below.

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