COVID-19 herbal plant Artemisia Afra Mhlonyane

COVID-19 Madagascar Figures Down On South Africa Per Population

 South Africa

COVID-19 continues to ramp up statistics in South Africa yet a small neighbouring island, Madagascar, seems to cope better. Madagascar’s population sits at approximately half that of South Africa. It is comparatively a much poorer nation with a GDP fractional compared to South Africa’s. However, Madagascar appears to manage COVID-19 more successfully than its larger neighbour.

COVID-19 Madagscar reports 15 deaths to date

COVID-19 claimed 15 deaths in Madagascar to date. South Africa lost over 2000 lives. Madagascar reports 1724 cases with 732 recoveries. South Africa reports over 106 thousand cases with just over 55 thousand recoveries. These infection rate differences seem vast, even considering the population sizes of the two countries.

Clearly, the Madagascans do something right. According to an article in Africanews earlier this week, the Madagascan government rolled out capsule production of their touted Coronovirus prevention, “CVO+.” They describe it as a “curative and preventive capsule against Covid-19 made from artemisia.”

COVID -19 and Artemisia in South Africa

South Africans traditionally used the local form of Artemisia Afra a medicine for hundreds of years. Already available in capsule form in South Africa and in a natural form for making a tea, it’s not encouraged.  Minister of Health, Dr. Zweli Mkhize, insists the product needs further scientific-based research before promotion as a preventative in the fight against COVID-19.

Speaking to Eye Witness news about it several months ago, he stated: “Our scientific research institutions will be willing to support the analysis.” Since then South Africans heard very little about Madagascar’s prevention drink. Twitchers mostly support the use of the Madagascan preventative. They question the delay in using it.

Madagascar is not waiting for WHO approval

With the formation of a company called Phamalagasy, the Madagascans press on with the production of their COVID-19 preventative capsule. Like the South African Health Department, the World Health Organisation calls for caution pending clinical trials and research.

The big question is – if this originated outside of Africa would the scientific community take it more seriously? Artemisia grows on other continents. Yet none of them tout it as a preventative. While the Madagascan artemisia variety differs slightly from the South African one, could it actually hurt people? Or does this, like so many other cures, all come down to money tied into big pharma?

WHO repeatedly appealed to the scientific community to work together to end this COVID-19 scourge. Yet, the African preventative appears largely ignored at the moment. However, the COVID figures registered today speak volumes.


What do you think about the COVID-19 preventative used in Madagascar? Should South Africa look at the licensing it for production here in South Africa? If you could get hold of it, would you take it?

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