COVID-19 South Africa weekly stats

COVID-19 South Africa – Easy Visuals Infections & Recoveries Since Level 4

 South Africa

COVID-19 South Africa figures released by the Ministry of Health on June 24 show rather alarming overall infection rates. The website notes that yesterday the country experienced another “103 COVID-19 related deaths.” Total deaths now stand at 2205, or 2,0%.  The overall infection rate sits at 111 796. Recoveries sit at 56 874, which translates to a recovery rate of 50,9%. SAns Newsfeed collated the figures to show easy visuals on Provincial Weekly Records since the start of Level 4 (week 5). Notably, while deaths show on our visuals, they are not the focus of this article. 

COVID 19 cases and recoveries by week for Western Cape

covid-19 WC by week

As you can see, the infections in the Western Cape dropped since week 11.

Recoveries and Positive cases Eastern Cape (Weekly)

covid-19 EC by week

Eastern Cape seemingly took an upward trajectory around the start of Level 3.

Northern Cape

covid-19 NC by week

Northern Cape seems to weekly increase with infections, but recoveries not yet keeping up with that.

Freestate COVID-19 weekly recoveries and infections since Level 4

covid FS weekly

Freestate recoveries fall behind but that could relate to a surge in infections in week 10. The illness takes time to recover from.

KwaZulu Weekly coronavirus stats since week 5

covid-19 KZN weekly

Recoveries in the province of KwaZulu stayed close to infection rates until the start of week 11.

Gauteng grows anxious at infections vs recoveries

covid GA by week

After the latest figures, Gauteng trends on Twitter. People fear a worsening COVID-19 situation. As one tweeter pointed out, “Gauteng now has more active covid19 cases than the Western Cape.”

North West coronavirus easy visual by week

covid-19 NW by week

At the beginning of June, North West saw a sudden spike in cases after a reallocation. Most of those were from the Rustenburg mining area. The recoveries look a bit dismal so far at the end of week 12.

Limpopo province COVID-19 Weekly

covid lim by week

Limpopo stuttered a bit initially, and some people blamed it on movement between provinces for work purposes. Later, some mines became a problem.

Mpumalanga COVID-19 Weekly stats since lockdown Level 4

covid-19 MP by week

Mpumalanga was one of the last provinces to report a death. With a second death, the stats look like more might well come along. Initially confident about the virus numbers, citizens saw it increase. The province now overtook Limpopo in active cases.

Notably, these graphs are intended purely as a simple weekly visual guide.  If you wish to find exact statistics, then please visit the website for the Department of Health.

Remember to check back with SANs Newsfeed often for more news about Africa.


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