Herman Mashaba

Herman Mashaba The New Political Kid In Town

Herman Mashaba could change the South African political landscape. Recently, the Electoral Act changes mean individuals may stand for election. Essentially, it means the country no longer runs purely along party lines. Finally, South Africans may opt to vote for specific individuals. Herman Mashaba looks like one of those promising people.

Herman Mashaba former Mayor of Johannesburg

The successful aspirant politician comes from a business background. Thoroughly determined, he built his business ground-up under Apartheid. No banks stepped up and funded money to young black men at that time. Luckily, in 1985 he borrowed R30 000.00 from a friend and started his business, Black Like Me. There, he provided beauty and hair products/services promoting black beauty and pride. Obviously, he understands business, budgets, and makes tough decisions.

Resigning from his Mayorship position with Johannesburg, he launched The Peoples Dialogue. Clearly, Herman Mashaba seems very unhappy with the Emergency Budget tabled yesterday by the ANC. For starters, he wants the civil service pared down.


Love him or hate him, Mashaba comes across as interesting and determined. Hatefully, @L8karma tweeted ‘Your noise is irritating.” Meanwhile, @PastorBlack says “I trust your leadership”. Clearly, opposition exists.

Instituting cut-backs as Mayor of Johannesburg, he redirected it to the poor. Potentially, this seems the kind of governance South Africa wants. Governance needs close management and delivery. In fact, it needs hard decision making and qualified people when it comes to delivering results. Mashaba says our civil service is overstaffed, poorly managed, and expensive. Likely, it should be the first place to trim costs: not borrowing more money.

Mashaba stays the course, hopefully

The People’s Dialogue, a discussion group started by Mashaba and Mmusi Maimane suggests over 125,000 substantive submissions to jump-start the economy and reform governance. Suddenly, people appear very interested in this man.

Moody’s appear to agree with Mashaba. Sadly, their predictions for South Africa remain gloomy, according to EWN.

Apparently, many South Africans tire of the ANC. Plus, the EFF’s solution to everything appears to be Pan Africanism and Nationalisation. On the current path, there will be little left to Nationalise. Hopefully, Herman Mashaba offers an alternative to the DA. Unfortunately, they lose popularity despite deliverable markers in the Western Cape.

What do you think? Will you vote for Herman Mashaba? Have your say.

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