COVID-19 used test kits

COVID-19: Used Test Kits Scattered Along The Highway In EC (Video)

COVID-19 test kits, after use, could land up in the wrong hands unless they stay securely stored. Inexplicably, bags of an estimated 500 tests littered the side of the N2 near East London, eNCA reported. A jogger who discovered them noted a large quantity of them just lay in the grass, complete with patient details.

COVID-19 test kits used and dated June 23 from EC

The outlet spoke with the jogger who found the kits lying on the side of the road. Luckily, he watched the news often. So, he knew handling them could present a real danger. Carefully, he used his shoe and a stick to verify the contents. And, he noted that names, hospitals, and dates featured on the paperwork.

In the video that eNCA shared, some of the used swabs just lay about in the grass. And, the news host noted they lay there for days. Apparently, the area’s well used as people travel between towns there. Almost anyone might have stumbled on them and handled them. The news comes as the Eastern Cape coronavirus figures reach alarming numbers.

Used test kits en route to Port Elizabeth

Apparently, the kits were labeled as en route to Port Elizabeth to a laboratory. The reporter said that they got in touch with the Department of Health who promise an investigation. Hopefully, the kits get collected soon as currently, they present a danger to entire communities. In the meantime, no doubt many people anxiously await their test results in the area.

One person the eNCA reporter spoke to, a nurse, said she sits in quarantine herself awaiting her results. Allegedly, she said that without results coming back some people were “told to go back to work.” Unfortunately, the news means that the labs somehow don’t track and trace these dangerous test kits very well. A few people talked about it on Twitter and they don’t sound impressed at all.

Social media react to the news about dumped test kits near east London

The news that the test kits were found on the road emerged today. So far, it seems that not many people heard about it But, those who did express their disappointment. One tweeter wrote, “So a stack of #covid tests were found on the N2 near East London, patient details and all!! Someone please explain this to me?”

Shocked, another person tweeted, “COVID19 Test kits found next to N2 Highway near East London, apparently en route to a testing lab in PE. Hay kubi kak’bi e Eastern Cape Yoh!!” As another person rightfully pointed out, “Hundreds of (used) test kits found dumped in EC. We in trouble for real.”

What do you think about this? Actually, to use an Americanism, it sounds like a huge FUBAR! (F**ked up beyond all recognition). It seems that the government should really address this with some urgency. Apparently, the COVID-19 kits stretched for some kilometers along the side of the road. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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