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Zondo Commission Says ANC Is Corrupt (Opinion)

The Zondo Commission says the ANC government is corrupt from the top down. Popo Molefe gave details of his repeated attempts to get the NEC and Parliament address the dismantling of the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) through massive corruption. But nobody stepped up and assisted him.

Zondo says ANC must put the country first

Zondo finds the failure of the ANC government when it comes to fighting corruption shocking. Calling for a leader “not chasing money” in a News24 article, he asked for someone to step up and put “the country and its people first.”

Speaking before Parliament on June 30th, the National Director of Public Prosecutions, Shamila Bathoi, said that the citizens of South Africa want corruption cases in court. “We are outraged by what has been going on,” she said. Bathoi went on and specifically mentioned that the Hawks (police investigations unit), need reinforcing.

Zondo calls for changes from leadership

Zondo says leadership in South Africa needs drastic action. The ‘Rose Revolution’ of 2003 in the former Soviet state, Georgia, instituted reform by sacking its police force en masse. And, it sits as a highly respected institution. South Africa needs something similar, many people believe. South Africans increasingly call for zero tolerance. If someone drinks and drives, that makes a person a criminal. Plus, if people throw trash from the window, the same applies. So those who steal millions should also face justice.

Tanzania’s President John Magafuli fired thousands of civil servants for fake qualifications. According to the BBC, walking through government departments, he ordered anyone late for work arrested. That example often gets held up as real leadership. South Africa’s leaders seem absent when it comes to dealing with corruption, people on social media think. These days more people call for accountability in South Africa as a matter or priority.

The South African public seemingly agrees with Zondo and Bathoi. They sound outraged:

Journalist Pauli Van Wyk retweeted her former statement about corruption at PRASA from 2016.


Wayne Duvenage, CEO of OUTA outlines actions required to fight corruption in his book E-Tolls Saga. Both Duvenage and Molefe remain ignored. The ANC seemingly annoys a lot of people of all status and color who feel they don’t work hard enough at removing corrupt officials.

What are your thoughts on corruption? Do you agree the country needs more leadership like Tanzania? Sound off in the comments below.

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