President Ramaphosa on Mpumalanga COVID-19

President Ramaphosa Commends Mpumalanga Premier On COVID-19

President Ramaphosa visited Mpumalanga today to assess the province on their response to COVID-19. Late to the coronavirus party, the numbers increased exponentially in Level 3 after a slow start. The first death in the province occurred on June 7. At one stage, the province sat as the only death-free province.

President Ramaphosa commends the province on COVID-19 preparation

The current stats show 1,478 infected, seven deaths, and 420 recoveries. While it stayed on one death and then two for a long time, on June 30 five more deaths occurred. Unfortunately, the province overtook Limpopo’s reported coronavirus cases, although their death rate remains higher.

A news release from SA Government revealed that President Ramaphosa seems please with the steps the province took with its COVID-19 preparation. He visited the Ehlanzeni District Municipality. Later, he commended “the province for prioritizing the economic impact of the virus.” Notably, the president mentioned that Mpumalanga developed “plans” with regards to that.

Mpumalanga Premier congratulated by the president

Noting that the province dealt efficiently with the virus so far, the president noted the premier deserved some recognition for that. He said that their presentation shows they got their ducks in a row and quickly stepped up with the epidemic. He also talked about community involvement in forums, mainly with a view to educating about the virus stigma.

Of course, for people who live in Mpumalanga, the news that the province makes serious efforts against the pandemic feels comforting. But, some people naturally feel worried about increasing numbers. Of course,  the virus really only started taking off there a few weeks ago. It’s a long pull yet and they hope to avoid the increasing numbers they see in Gauteng.

During his speech, President Ramaphosa touched on the coronavirus in Gauteng and said he grows increasingly concerned. News 24 reported today, that “Covid-19” looks “set to place increasing pressure on Gauteng’s health systems as positive cases spike at a faster rate.”

Remember to check back with SANs Newsfeed often for more news about COVID-19 in Mpumalanga.


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