Kanye West and Julius malema

Kanye West & Julius Malema Seem Similar, But Malema’s No Political Joke

Kanye West announced on July 4 that he’s running for the presidency in the USA. He tagged his tweet with 2020, so presumably, he plans on running in November. Apart from people who think it’s a conspiracy with Trump to split Joe Biden voters, few take him seriously. Julius Malema, once likened to Kanye, however, gets taken rather more seriously.

Kanye West runs for president, Elon Musk supports him

On July 4, Kanye dropped his bombshell via Twitter. He tweeted, “We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States.”Β Flag of United States! #2020VISION.” Elon Musk stepped up and tweeted, “You have my full support!” Some people on Twitter seem blown away by the possibility of Kanye in the White House and Kim Kardashian as the First Lady. Others think a step further, imagining Elon Musk as Kanye’s VP.

2020 seems like a very odd year for politics in the USA. Elon Musk, South African born genius, is a man who hopes to plant chips in our heads and plug us into a super-computer AI existence. Kanye’s a singer and businessman. Reactions in the USA range from incredulous at the concept, through to allegations that he and Trump cooked up a conspiracy to split Joe Biden’s Democratic voters. Others think it’s a joke. And, that’s where the similarities between Kanye West and Julius Malema end.

Julius Malema the same as Kanye West?

In December last year, News 24 reported that Malema and Kanye seem very alike. They noted that Julius “can be compared to top hip-hop Grammy Award-winning artist, Christian, genius, billionaire Kanye West, whose musical performance rises to match the required level, occasion, and resultant pressure.” The article described both of these musicians as “agents of change and…rule breakers.”

However, the difference between the two men seems very clear despite some similarities. Neither Kanye nor Julius came from wealthy families. Both of them became successful and accumulated lots of followers and fans. But at the point, they start differing. Julius admires the late President Mugabe. Meanwhile, Kanye West ardently supports Donald Trump.

Kanye West tweet

Kanye West is not Julius Malema

Julius, rightly or wrongly, holds his own vision for South Africa, and Pan-Africa as a whole. He mobilized millions of South Africans behind his political party to push for real change. Meanwhile, Kanye wears a red MAGA cap. He tweets some odd things from time to time, usually soon after launching a new album. Many Americans on Twitter think he does that to try and stay relevant with fans.

Meanwhile, Julius Malema also says things that sound outrageous to many people. But one thing about him – nobody thinks he’s joking. With Kanye, apart from the conspiracy theorists, most people think he’s a joke. Meanwhile, nobody’s laughing at Julius Malema.

Do you agree comparing the two black musicians with each other takes something away from Julius, rather than giving something to Kanye West? Sound off in the comments below.

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