Kairo Forbes

Kairo Forbes – Superstar & Princess Turns 5, Racks Up A Million Followers

Kairo Forbes really is a little superstar. She turned 5-years-old today and already, her Instagram account reached 1 million followers. Fans just can’t get enough of the adorable daughter of AKA and DJ Zinhle. Her fun and quirky ways certainly appeal to many fans, who love her to bits. Her Grandmother, Lynn Forbes manages the account for the little princess. At the age of three, she already gathered nearly half a million followers. In two short years, she more than doubled that number of followers.

Kairo Owethu Forbes  – thousands of birthday greetings as she turns five

People just love the adorable sayings that Kairo comes out with. On Twitter, @PearlFentyy pretty much summed up the best in her tweet about Kairo’s birthday. She wrote, “Happy birthday to princess Kairo My favorite lines from her: “hlala phansi silly dog” “dreams come true” “Apple for my eye” also her favorite person is herself! #KairoTurns5 #kairo.” 

Other fans chipped in with their greetings and observations. Coffee Bean tweeted, “1M followers on Insta Thank you Zee for the babygirl. Happy birthday Kairo Owethu Forbes.” Meanwhile, Vusi noted, “happy birthday precious you are a star in making.” Kairo brings a lot of joy to many people in South Africa. This Kairo Forbes follower noted, “Happy birthday Kairo may God protect you all the days of your life be blessed.”

So much happiness for people from a five-year-old

The news brings doom and gloom every single day at the moment. News of the truck strike, Taxi strikes, state capture, and the looming threat of ISIS. With all of that, the coronavirus numbers scream up the charts. Is it any wonder that people turn to this little princess Kairo for a bit of happiness and joy at the moment? One person on Twitter complained that old people make too much of her. But everyone needs and holds onto the good things in life.

Certainly, Kairo Forbes is adorable, funny, and sassy. And, she looks well set on her way to superstardom. Sadly though, with people feeling out of pocket and the loss of jobs during the virus, some people just asked for money from Kairo or her family. Some kids get lucky it seems. But that “luck” came from her hardworking mom, DJ Zinhle. That’s why parents work hard: They hope to make the world a better place for their kids.

In a way, the spinoff of DJ Zinhle’s effort also touches the hearts of many people during these certain times. Happy birthday Kairo Forbes, and congrats on achieving 1 million followers on Instagram.

Remember to check back with SANs Newsfeed often for more news about Kairo Forbes and South Africa’s entertainment scene.


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