DJ Zinhle

DJ Zinhle Fans Imagine A Life Without Fear

DJ Zinhle entertains and inspires millions of South Africans. Plus, they love five-year-old Kario. Like any mom, who doesn’t want a world without fear? 2020 brings the fear of unemployment, fear of dying from the coronavirus, and even the fear of life without fixes like wine and tobacco. Zhinle asked fans to imagine a life without fear and asked them what they’d do. What would her fans do if they woke up without fear?

DJ Zinhle asks fans about a day without fear

Taking to her Instagram on Monday morning, July 13th, the star DJ shared a slide. It said, “If you woke up tomorrow with no fear, what would you do first?” Obviously, some of her fans gave it a lot of thought. It came the night after President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the rollback on lifting the alcohol ban. Genuine fear arrives now as the COVID-19 cases soar. The BBC reported that the government brings back the “night-time curfew” and masks must be worn when outdoors.

As infections reach over a quarter million, the reality sets in. Gauteng rockets into the epicenter of the outbreak. While the Western Cape starts dropping, for many people, only now can they really grasp the enormity of the epidemic. From COVID-19 fatigue to COVID-19 fear people become very afraid. Zhinle asked people to imagine life without all of that.

Fans tell DJ Zinhle about their dreams

A few followers told their favorite DJ they might rob a bank for a few million rands. So, those people worry about money and fear poverty. Others feel trapped. One fan wrote, “find the most remotest and beautiful place in the bush and just chill with a beer while watching the wild animals go by – no fences.”

Here’s what a few other fans told DJ Zinhle on a cold and scary morning:

  • “Leave my job and start a publishing company and publish my own books and help other authors who are struggling to get publishers.”
  • “Quit my job, I hate it!”
  • “Go on stage sing my lungs out dance my toes off 🔥.”
  • “Chase my dreams, and get out there with so much confidence, without seeking validation.”
  • “Climb Mount Everest 🏔️.”
  • “Pray and cancel all toxic people in my life.”
  • “Tell my mother things l am scared to.”

One person commented about all the bans in our lives these days. They noted, “I’d persuade the president to stop the suspension of alcohol sales.”

If you woke up and feared no consequences, what would you do? Sound off in the comments below.

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