Winston Coetzee

Winston Coetzee Business Owner And Musician Slams Taxis Operating at 100%

Winston Coetzee owns a business and he’s furious about taxis being permitted to operate at 100%. The regulations allow full capacity on short trips (under 2 hours) under the latest COVID-19 lockdown regulations. Winston Coetzee, a business owner, and musician in South Africa strongly objects to the lockdown regulations. The Loving Life 2020 channel on YouTube shared his vlog.

Winston Coetzee businessman slams President Ramaphose

President Ramaphosa’s Sunday night address to the nation reinstated the ban on alcohol. In the same speech, taxis were granted permission to operate at 100% capacity providing the windows are partially open. Winston Coetzee, a singer and bar owner is objecting. Admittedly, taxis transport people to work, an important function at any time. On the whole, though, South Africans know the taxi associations wield enormous political clout.

It took one blockade of the airport to exempt them from e-tolls. It took one demand for financial assistance from the government during COVID-19 to have them permitted to operate at 100% capacity. Yet small businesses and tourism operators remain ignored, sidelined, and going down the tube rapidly.

‘If taxis can operate at 100%. I can operate at 100%’

In the rant shared on Youtube, Winston Coetzee lamented the demise of his income and business. Furthermore, he lashed out at President Ramaphosa for a lack of common sense. Moreover, is a small music bar more dangerous than a taxi at 100% capacity? he asks. He went on to strongly criticise the National COVID Command Council for breaking small business people in South Africa. Winston asked the question, “How many people are jobless as the result of this lockdown?” In a country of high unemployment prior to COVID-19, the figures being touted currently range from 10 to 17 million.

“You and your council still draw salaries,” Winston says. Absolutely, no civil servants have been made redundant or retrenched under COVID-19 with the possible exception of the failed SOE, South African Airways. Moreover, the SAA saga was not instigated by COVID-19, but more importantly, by ill-qualified board members. COVID-19 was, to quote entrepreneur, Vusi Thembekwayo, “the coffin” in which the ANC is burying the economy.

YouTubers react

“If I want to have a smoke. I will have a smoke.” Winston says. “If I want to sell smokes, I will sell smokes.” He says, insisting that the NEC and President Ramaphosa have taken away his human rights.

YouTubers’ reactions range from National World Order conspiracy theorists to those wishing the ANC leadership dead. Ria S1 says “You Are saying what we are all feeling Winston. Hang in there my friend. We will get there. Tired of being treated like babies. We will do what we like. He’s a puppet for the N W O.”

On the other hand, Johannes van Vurren takes a friendlier tone asking “Where is your business? So we can support you brother. We with you. Gatvol.”

Triton says “Ai!! Winston, I feel you brother. Know this there are hundreds and thousands if not millions of people of all races out there who have had enough. I dont know you but what I see is a young man who is so passionate about his family, what he has worked so hard for, and his fellow man”

Notably, no taxi owners posted comments.

Winston Coetzee’s rant is indicative of the rage and frustration many small business owners are experiencing right now in South Africa. Perhaps it is time to engage the taxi associations and get them to demand changes for all businesses? Clearly, they are the only ones with any power. What do you think? Have your say.

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  1. I 100 % support Winston Coetzee, is there a petition to sign? A rally that I can attend? A social media group that can be joined? Please let me know .


  2. Well said, Winston Coetzee, we are with u. Government have ruined SA all in the name of Covid 19. We need to stand together and open up SA again. As u rightly state… What is good for the goose is good for the gander.


  3. I and all the people I know agree totally. We have a dictatorship for a government. Nobody has stopped drinking or smoking. A lot of people have lost their jobs because of stupid irrational laws made by the government. Mr President is the puppet. They are lining their own pockets. Smokers are forced to buy illegal cigarettes at hugely inflated prices. Family of government are actually trading in illegal cigarettes. Nobody is going to tell me that I may not smoke! The government has not offered free treatment or counseling for withdrawal symptoms. So stuff them. I will visit my family if I want to. I will drink or smoke if I want to. It is my human right.


  4. I wholeheartedly agree. These so called leaders have gone way beyond their authority. This is indicative of a fascist dictatorship. Everyone has a right to make a living. I am behind you 100%. We are being treated like children. If they spent some of the money borrowed on the health system instead of stealing and squandering it on themselves we would be in a much better position to deal with this pandemic.


  5. How dare they tell you not to visit family and friends. Some old folk living in old age homes do not have much time left and all they have to live for is to see their children and grandchildren. The only way they can do this now is if they all catch taxi’s together. It does not even make sense. I personally don’t think these so called leaders care at all about the general population, they are jumping on a new gravy train and feathering their own nests. We need to take back our power and our lives.


  6. Of course a lot of us are angry and frustrated. But what are the alternatives in this pandemic? Should all business be open like normal. Would we not rather lose our car and comforts and not be responsible for the deaths of our patrons?


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