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Julius Malema: Did He Really Return To The ANC?

Julius Malea returned to the ANC trended on July 17 on Twitter. The hashtag #MalemaReturnsToANC got boosted on July 16 after someone shared a statement professed to be from the leader of the EFF. But a trend search reveals the hashtag may have first come at 1.40 am from a user with the handle @LufunoTshuma. The three-page statement’s not legible without a Zoom app. Many people seemingly think it’s genuine. But is it?

Julius Malema returns to the ANC – comments on Twitter

Plenty of people awoke to the trending hashtag about Julius Malema going back to the ANC. It looks like plenty of South Africans totally believe it. In a few hours, nearly 8,000 people tweeted about it. But, plenty of them doubt the authenticity of the story. One person asked, “What’s this I’m hearing about #MalemaReturnsToANC is this [story] true?” Another one stated, “#MalemaReturnsToANC please stop it ANC members you being exposed. Malema is still the CiC of the EFF.”

Julus Malema actually spent time at the funeral for Zinzi Mandela before the trend. Obviously, he mixed and met with ANC people. But, it’s hardly likely they took the opportunity to ask him back to the party. And, skeptics simply don’t swallow it. One person wrote, “#MalemaReturnsToANC Maybe they [refer] to someone who shares the same surname of Malema not the @Julius_S_Malema I know. He’s not Mad and will never be !!!”

It sounds like just a rumor despite the so-called statement he made

Julius Malema never said anything official on his Twitter. And, a surefire way of checking for a fake story comes from checking mainstream media. Nobody major runs the story. Those skeptics seem on the right track. reported on the story and concluded that its fake. The outlet noted they “confirm that there is no truth in the trending hashtag purporting that Mr. Malema has returned to the ANC.  It is all just a hashtag that bored South Africans created and has now become a trend.”

2020 brings some very weird happenings in the world. While the ANC might seem weak and floundering a little in the face of COVID019, it’s far more likely that Julius cements his leadership in the EFF. The EFF leader’s not likely to jump from a  strong place to a weaker one at all. And, he’s usually very vocal when he brings any important message out.

So, in conclusion, we believe that Julus Malema returns to the ANC simply boils down to boredom, fakery, and perhaps some wishful thinking. Do you agree? Sound off in the comments below.

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