#Shaka SK Khosa Twitter

#Shaka Trends This Weekend After Alleged Scandalous SK Khoza Videos

#Shaka trended over the weekend in South Africa. By Monday, the origins of the original tweets got lots in the history of multiple threads. So, many people asked why it trended. Others who heard about the videos wondered where to find them. The trend started after a video appeared that allegedly revealed a bit of a scandalous scene. Allegedly, actor SK Khose was at a party where some topless ladies got down to some dirty dancing at a party. Another video involving a Jacuzzi also emerged.

#Shaka trend arose with topless girls partying allegedly with SK Khosa

Some people on Twitter don’t like that intimate videos do the social media rounds. They prefer a nicer world where people get excited over cute five-year-old kids like Kairo Forbes. But others express interest in finding the offending videos that allegedly involved SK Khosa. Well, they’re up there still, (For now). Further down in this article, those who don’t mind seeing that sort of thing can check out the less offending one of them via a link.

If you live under a rock and don’t know who SK Khosa is, he acted the role of Shaka in Queen. But he’s also a hot favorite with women. Briefly.co.za reminds readers that he grew “into a talented actor with all the right attributes. Women in Mzansi can not keep calm, and it is alright. The man is fine.” But, the one video that trended #Shaka actually revealed two women getting rather intimate with each other’s booby regions.

Drink, partying and coronavirus

From the video, it certainly looked like not a lot of social distancing went on. And, the audio talked about getting drunk. Hopefully, Queen‘s Shaka and the others all stay healthy. On Twitter, plenty of people commented about the rather scandalous post. One person noted, “This is partly why men have little to no respect for women #Shaka.”

Others felt that somebody maybe someone “drugged” the girls. But calling it for the guys, a replying commenter noted, “Hau Unamused face. Because women are angels who don’t get sloshed willingly right, they need men to “drug” them? Every problem yall face, it’s automatically a man’s fault. Having s*x that you later regret isn’t r*pe! If you saw the video yall can see everything was consensual.”

One person grew very angry about the video and the other one showing the Jacuzzi. They said, “When a friend sent me the videos yesterday I was so annoyed at the level of irresponsible stupidity of…both girls and boys.”

If you really hope for the Jacuzzi video you need to hunt it down yourself. But, if you want a glimpse into what went down, it’s on this link.


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