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South Africans – Mushrooms Kept In The Dark, Fed On Manure (OPINION)

South Africans are kept in the dark by the ANC. Zuptagate destroyed South Africa’s trust in the government. And, Mr. Rampahosa was meant to save the country from corruption. Firstly, Mr. Ramaphosa is not briefing the press. Secondly, this leaves rumour mills grinding. And thirdly, COVID-19 has given birth to too many unreasonable rules.

South Africans feel like mushrooms

South Africans are like mushrooms. Namely, kept in the dark and fed on manure. As a result, corrupt cronies go unpunished, unashamed, and lawyer-up. And, the National Prosecutor says her efforts are being hampered by cronyism. As a result, the Gupta’s are gone and the average South African is helpless, broke, and betrayed.

Furthermore, the ridiculous Nuclear Deal appears to be back on the books. An unnecessary and expensive development according to Dirk Knoesen, Emeritus Professor in Physics and Director of the Nanoscience Platform. Speaking to Environmental Law & Justice Watch on 14th July, he said: “Given the parlous state of SA’s finances and its onerous debt burden, sneaking a new 2 500MW nuclear build programme back onto the table while we were all distracted by the Covid-19 pandemic’ raises the question: ‘What’s behind this, when the alternatives are far more attractive?” As a result, South Africans are once again wondering if Ramaphosa or corruption is in charge?

Is Ramphosa’s mask a mask or a gag?

Mr. Ramaphosa appears helpless and hopeless, currently. Is his mask is actually a mask or a gag?  Worse, conspiracy stories float around, that our president is doing little to nothing to dispel.  Are the EFF and ANC conspiring to delay municipal elections? Some people think so.


Rumour has it that municipalities may be moved from local management to fall under the ANC umbrella government. And, why are scientists and doctors being kept in the dark about COVID-19 government policy? Seemingly, rules apply to Joe Public but not to taxies? What grants taxi associations so much power? Can the taxi’s protest the Cigarette ban? Is that the only thing that wIll make a difference?

Is it time to resurrect Save South Africa?

Where are our leaders? Where is Sipho Pityana and Save South Africa? Are South Africans fed up? Yes, and seemingly across the board. People want Vusi Tembekwayo to be president. Why? Because he said what everyone wants to say: “What the X#Z is this government doing to our economy?” R700 million spent on the Zondo commission tells us what we all know. Furthermore, we have a National Prosecutor sitting with her hands tied. Why ban cigarettes, costing the country billions? Everyone knows where to buy illegal cigarettes. As a result, Joe Public is breaking the law just to have a cigarette.


No one denies the after-effects of Apartheid. Certainly, it had to go. And citizens do not want minority rule again. Importantly, what South Africa wants is decisive, honest, transparent leadership. Instead, we have secrecy, rumours, and Dlamini Zuma talking socialism from the podium of COVID-19 control – an unelected position that appears to have gone mad.

South Africans feel fed up.

Cigarettes are banned. Scientists and doctors excluded from the medical policy under COVID-19. People are brewing homemade beer. Unemployment is skyrocketing. CNN inflated COVID figures – in error. Or did they? The tax base is emigrating. If there is a plan, can someone please say what it is?

What do you think? Who will get your vote in the next election?

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