cigarette and alcohol ban

Alcohol & Cigarette Ban Until End Of Lockdown – Heartbreaking News For Employees

Alcohol and cigarette ban remains in place for the entire duration of the coronavirus lockdown in South Africa. The news came via a government press release on Twitter on July 22. The heartbreaking news brings total despair to those who work in the industry. Never mind the anger about the authoritarian position of non-negotiation taken. Or, the fruitless court outcomes. It certainly seems that the government stands by their ban at the cost of thousands of jobs and potentially many more hungry people.

Alcohol and cigarette ben brings fury and despair

Obviously, the news brings the wrath of those who enjoy a cigarette and drop of wine, but for those in the industry, it truly brings heartbreaking news. After all, the end of the lockdown could easily extend for months to come yet. The country already suffered under one of the longest and most draconian lockdowns in the entire world, NPR reported.

As people face a bleak future without food on the table, the despair of those workers sounds terribly sad. And, those people don’t all work in cigarette factories or on the pack lines at the alcohol producers. Waiters, barmen, stackers, stockmen, delivery drivers, tellers, and many more potentially lose their jobs. And the people already feel crushed by the weight of the lockdown.

Heartbreaking news for workers in the industry

Obviously, people rage at the authoritarian government in place these days. Nobody signed up for a dictatorship, after all. But aside from those angry voices, what about the numberless people who lose their jobs? One person noted, “The loss of employment and income of the millions working in the industries will have devastating effects for the country, as thousands who lose their jobs, will resort to criminality to fend for themselves and their families. Government need to open the industries asap..”

Another tweeter pointed out, “There is no consideration of the number of businesses and employed people at all. I wonder if God turned his back to our people too? Why are innocent hard-working citizens being put through this? Let them work, let them look after their families..” Sadly, one affected person said, “We were told to sign unpaid leave. We are Fvcked!”

They later commented, “Our so called leaders are busy Chowing em billions, they don’t really care about all those people who works under those sectors. From what I see, we going to lose our jobs. Then we will die with starvation not corona.”

Likely millions of people will feel the effects of the continued bans

The tweet mentioned above is just one desperate-sounding person. Many more will follow. As @TimAshbourne pointed out, “The 1 Million people working on wine farms and in the alcohol industry and their appx 10 Million family members will be so happy to hear this. Now they can finally start losing some weight as money will run out quickly to buy food..”

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