COVID-19 Deaths South Africa

COVID-19 Death Stats May Be Under-Reported In South Africa

COVID-19 concerns focus on the fact that deaths may be under-reported. Normal monitoring of deaths in South Africa indicates a sharp incline, exclusive of recorded COVID figures. Naturally,  this raises some questions in the scientific community.

COVID-19 death stats only reveal known cases

COVID -19 deaths get reported to The Department of Health. Additionally, South Africa’s Medical Research Council (SARC), monitor all death statistics. They report an overall increase since May. Importantly, this is raising the question, are undiagnosed people dying of COVID-19? Normally, June and July show a slight peak owing to flu season. Nevertheless, figures reported this year seem worryingly high.

According to News 24, the SAMRC reports an additional morbidity rate of just over 17 thousand people. That comes from between May 6th and Mid July 2020. In fact, the report indicated “59% more deaths from natural causes than…expected based on historical data.” Obviously, people find that concerning. Therefore, people ask if more deceased died of undiagnosed COVID-19. SAMRC suggests people feel afraid, or unable to access medical care owing to the pandemic. As a result, other morbidities may play a part. However, undiagnosed COVID-19 could play a significant role.

South African Lockdown regulations

These days, people commit an offence if they appear in public without wearing a face mask. Commonly, hand sanitiser becomes available at entrances to public places. Taxi must drive with windows partially open. Additionally, alcohol remains banned in the hopes of reducing trauma cases in hospitals. And, importantly, the Metro and National Police rigorously enforce these regulations.

Citizens don’t trust Government regulations or police

Citizens don’t trust the regulations or the police and the disease spreads. SAMRC suggest undiagnosed cases add to the death rate. In fact, police checks, sanitising and mask-wearing seem like acceptable regulations. But, people feel angry at unnecessary regulations, such as banning cigarettes.

So far, the ban did nothing to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, it feeds into public anger. Moreover, this spills into resistance against common-sense regulations as South Africans lose trust in their government. recently reported police failure to uphold regulations within their offices. Notably, who wants to be confronted by a policeman who can catch COVID at work?

@BiteYrAnkles tweeted his derision at police failing to adhere to regulations.

Common sense dictates mask-wearing and social distancing. Also, common sense suggests 100% capacity for taxis and banning cigarettes seem like ridiculous regulations. In any event, the death rate climbs. The consensus seems, do away with stupid regulations and people buy into correct ones.  Importantly, the only way to assess the true death rate from COVID-19 lies in testing all citizens, not only those presenting symptoms. Test, track and trace – South Korea proved the 3 T’s system works.

What do you think? Are you sticking to all the regulations? Actually, do they make sense? Should we all undergo testing for accurate COVID death rates?

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