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Netflix ‘The Old Guard’ Probably Brings A Sequel, How About A Series?

Netflix, The Old Guard trended in South Africa for a while now. In fact, it still sits in the Top 10 on the streaming site. Obviously, homegrown actress Charlize Theron captured the interest of SAns viewers. And, she feels confident of a sequel. But, two more may follow, given that the comics always looked like a trilogy possibility existed. But, why not make a series?

Netflix movies like The Old Guard provides much-needed entertainment

Last weekend, the entertainment industry enjoyed a brief surge of scandal when #Shaka trended on Twitter. That involved the raunchy video that dropped involving SK Khosa. But this weekend, less rivetting news turned people back to streaming shows. And, many of them watched The Old Guard. If you didn’t watch it yet, then note this spoiler alert!

Basically, the immortal warriors led by Charlize in her role of Andy ended with her fearing she might lose her immortality. She believed that’s why they found Nile, the newcomer. They all ended up like a bunch of lab rats in a research facility except for Nile, the ex-marine. Luckily, Nile got them all out of there. But along the way, Booker betrayed them. So, he got exiled on his own for 100 years as punishment.

The ending opened the way for a sequel

However, recall that Nile dreamed about Quynh. Hundred of years before, she got dumped in a coffin and drowned for being a witch. Repeatedly, she died and came alive again in the coffin for about 500 years. Nile thought she went insane down there. Andy felt so many regrets and blamed herself for it. Well, hello, in the last scenes, Booker found her alive and well. However, she believes that the immortals were never meant to save humans but to make them suffer. She hopes that Booker joins her in this quest.

The sequel probably follows that storyline, according to director Gina Prince-Bythewood. She spoke to Digital Spy about it. In fact, she pointed out that storylines from the comic book by Greg Rucka always allowed for a trilogy. So, maybe a second sequel comes to Netflix in time. But the problem with the first sequel of The Old Guard revolves around Charlize. She’s very tied up with other projects as well. So, there’s no set timeline for a sequel release just yet.

Never mind sequels to the movie – what about a series?

The immortals’ story could actually go on indefinitely. The endless possibilities lend itself to a series. So far, nobody talks about a Netflix series for it. And given Charlize Theron’s other commitments, it sounds even less likely. But, why not bring in Lauren Cohan from The Walking Dead? She played the role of Maggie Rhee.

With some excellent makeup and a hair cut, she could look remarkably similar to Charlize if she took the role of Andy: Even if she just stood in for her sometimes. After all, Maggie Rhee also came over as a strong kick*ss woman in TWD. And, she’s a competent actress who could easily slip on Andy’s persona in The Old Guard series.

What do you think about the idea of a series for The Old Guard? Why stop at a trilogy when the movie seems universally enjoyable? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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