church shooting

Church Shooting In Centurion The Result Of Violent Crime In RSA (Opinion)

Church shooting on the weekend leaves two robbers dead. Reportedly, three robbers attacked a church service in Pretoria on Sunday. Armed with a licensed weapon, one parishioner retaliated.

Two dead in church shooting

Two of the three robbers died. Following fired shots, the men pistol-whipped the Pastor before holding a gun to his head. Plus, one teenager got injured by shrapnel. Fortunately, one parishioner allegedly fought back. Mr. Pieter van der Westhuizen, a former policeman drew his own weapon and fired at the robbers. Consequently, he killed two of them. Meanwhile, a third one fled the scene in a getaway vehicle.

Mr van der Westhuizen, the brother of the late Jooste van der Oosthuizen, former rugby Springbok player was “shaken” after the incident. Attorney, Ulrich Roux, of Ulrich Roux & Associates, reports the man goes for “trauma counselling” after the church shooting.

Consequently, former policeman prevents further injuries

Undoubtedly, van der Westhuizen’s quick reaction saved parishioners from further injuries. Trained correctly, he served as a policeman for over 13 years. Therefore, he acted decisively. Possibly, given that five people died in a shooting incident near Johannesburg recently, people feel more vulnerable in the house of God these days.

Reacting, tweeter @Sandiliesays says he plans on attending the next church service to see what the pastor says about the church shooting.

Crime, a rising problem in South Africa, brings fear to average people going about their daily lives.  These days people struggle with huge and empty pockets. Meanwhile, the police seem more worried about the enforcement of COVID-19 regulations. Sadly, many people on social media barely raised an eyebrow at the news. Certainly, it seems that violent crime and the need for people to simply defend themselves at church becomes the norm.

Perhaps the robbers believed that churchgoing people presented an irresistible soft target. Your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below.

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