IMF loan south africa

IMF Loan Has South Africans Stressing Over Corruption

The IMF loan to South Africa triggered an onslaught of comments from South Africans. The money adds to the country’s debt and Joe Public does not trust the ANC government to spend it correctly.

IMF loan creates an online buzz

The IMF loan of $4.3 Billion is for COVID-19 relief in South Africa. Alas, South Africans do not trust their government to spend it correctly. Twitter buzzes with comments that range from despairing to angry and humorous. Notably, very few people seem happy that so much money goes into state coffers.

The South African government spent over R700 million on the Zondo Commission. Importantly, the commission’s mandate is to uncover corruption. However, not one arrest has been made. In other words, citizens want to see more ANC leaders wearing prison orange before a cent of the IMF loan gets spent.

Cynicism reigns supreme amongst the citizens

Citizen Shane Hulme @shaneEsoverse says, ” …the IMF is [deluded] if they think it will be spent correctly”. Oscar Sokhela took a more humourous tone saying, “Does anyone know where I can go to line up for my 70 billion share from the IMF?” He jokingly adds that he missed out on the previous round of corrupt millions and asks if he has to “join the ANC” to qualify for this round.

Meanwhile, @ThutontleJ says, “Kids of ANC cadres and tenderpreneurs looking at our tweets about the loans…they getting that GWagon for their 21st birthday.”

Herman Mashaba is the President South Africa wants

Herman Mashaba cleaned up Johannesburg, quickly and effectively. Certainly, his resignation owing to inhouse Democratic Alliance politics sent shock waves through the city. Importantly, he is vocal around corruption and the seeming inability for the ANC to clean up its act. His tweet offers direct criticism.

Above all, Tito Mboweni, the Minister of Finance responded defensively and was hammered with over 4,000 comments. Notably, almost every comment was negative about the ANC and voluble in venting distrust.

What do you think? Do you trust the ANC government with this money? Are you worried about the taxes that will have to be collected from your pocket to pay it back? Have your say.

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