Farm attack murders

Farm Attack Murders: Minister of Agriculture Condemns Killing

Farm attack murders took place in Magogong, outside Hartwater in the Northern Cape recently. South Africa’s Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, Thoko Didiza condemned the farm killing. The president of the country previously said there are no particular issues with farm murders.

So, that statement at least acknowledges the problem to a degree. A government statement noted, “The Minister would like to call on all stakeholders in the sector to remain alert and vigilant against farm attacks and killings.” Plus, it read, “they negatively affect food security and food production.

Farm attacks -minister condemns farm killing

Didiza’s statement of condemnation is unusual for the ANC government. Normally, farm killings go unremarked. Similarly, the Parliamentary Committee for agriculture also issued a comment. According to Radio AlgoaFM, the Chairperson, Nkosi Zwelivelile Mandela called the attack “inhumane.”

Apparently, last Sunday, Danie and Breggie Brand sat down to enjoy lunch with their visiting daughter, Elzabe. Suddenly, five suspects entered their home, abducted the family, and stole two vehicles. Subsequently, Elzabe (50) appears to have been killed first and her body dumped. Searchers found her body on Monday. Subsequently, her parents’ bodies were located on Tuesday.

Daughter Heidie Taljaard appeals to Government

The Brand’s surviving daughter, Heid Taljaard appealed to the government to say something. In an interview with EWN, she begged for condemnation by the ruling party. Heartbreakingly, she said, “we want the people [who] are supposed to protect us to take a stand.” She added, “If you keep quiet then you are condoning [murder].” Additionally, she said, “Surely there is something wrong in our society?”

Farm attacks become increasingly common in South Africa. The Democratic Alliance parliamentary opposition party has been calling for an investigation into their frequency and brutality. Often, the attacks seldom appear motivated by common theft of valuables or food. As a result, the standard modus operandi involves beating, rape, brutality, and murder.

Agriculture at risk

Thankfully, police acted swiftly and five suspects sit in custody. However, former President Zuma is well known for singing the song “Kill the Boer-Kill the farmer”. Farmers in South Africa see this as hate speech and a licence to kill them.

Farmers say they want more reaction from the government. However, many tweets simply ask “Where is Ramaphosa?”

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