cyber protest #VoetsekANC

Cyber Protest #VoetsekANC Takes Off And Trends Before Midday

Cyber Protest #VoetsekANC: South Africans grow very angry. Mostly, owing to evidence of corruption by ANC officials. Evidently, theft seems ignored, or justified by an apology. While protesters sometimes hit the streets, some of them ended up water cannoned and arrested. So, with COVID=10 restrictions banning gatherings, cyberspace became a valid place for protest. On August 5, Twitter trended the hashtag #VoetsekANC.

Cyber Protest #VoetsekANC

Citizens grow angry at the apparent lack of arrests amongst those involved in corrupt dealings. Normally, South Africans take to the streets to protest. However, COVID-19 rules such an option out. And, those who tried it ended up water cannoned.

Other issues that concern protesters is another result of draconian COVID-19 laws. Increasingly, unemployment becomes a huge concern. In fact, doctors now report cases of malnutrition. Naturally, people,wonder what happened to all the money that was supposed to help prevent that sort of thing. And, they worry about the continued tobacco and alcohol bans.

Therefore, increasingly, corruption gets a lot of criticism from concerned citizens.

#VoetsekANC gains ground

The #VoetsekANC hashtag gains ground. Importantly, people also post photographs of evidence of corruption. Greg@Greg5Boer, says “The ANC build an R6million bridge.” Beneath it is a picture of a small cement causeway. Additionally, another photograph shows schoolchildren kneeling on riverside rocks to drink water.

Furthermore, the ANC and EFF recently tried delaying Municipal elections due in 2021. Actually, they used COVID-19 as an excuse for the delay. Realistically, it seems they fear losing the Municipalities to the opposition. #VoetsekANC indicates a swing away from the ANC, especially given the rise of the #ANCMustFall hashtag, as well.

Recently, Lesufi Panyaza, ANC Gauteng Deputy chairperson said he feels concerned. Mentioning the anti-ANC sentiment being expressed on social media he noted, “It never occurred to me that, one day, jokes would be made about our own leaders. Who would have laughed at men like Nelson Mandela or Walter Sisulu?” Next, he went on to say he is unhappy that the ANC “[deviates] from the values of its veterans.”

Later Lesifu referred to “… the elephant in the room [corruption]…” insisting it must be dealt with.

The ANC looks like they face some trouble with their voter base. Decades of loyalty from citizens seemingly erodes quickly. Have your say.

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