amsa south africa slams anc

AMSA Criticizes ANC Calling Them ‘Liars, Thieves and Murderers’ (Video)

AMSA, (Activist Movement of South Africa,) speaks out about a lot of issues in South Africa. Now, they levelled fierce criticism at the ANC and President Ramaphosa. Spokesperson, Veronica Ncube slammed them in a social media video. In fact, she used the terms, “Liars, thieves and murderers.”

AMSA leader Ncube seems extremely scathing

Ncube targets the president, for failing the country. Pulling no punches, she accuses Parliament of being “…thieves and murderers…” Moreover, she questions the spending of the R500 million COVID-19 relief. COVID-19 brings a devastating impact on the economy. Job losses went through the roof. Ncube says funds for relief and equipment get channelled through Parliamentarian families. In fact, she alleges that these people profit off a pandemic.

Notably, Ncube says they are “…disgusting, sickening, nauseating and repulsive.” Therefore, she concludes they should be “behind bars.” Continuing on, she lists SOE’s already “stripped bare” by “greedy politicians”. As a result, she asks how President Ramaphosa could hand over relief money to his “vile” ANC cohorts?

Activists Movement of South Africa

AMSA’s Facebook page says its a “Watchdog” movement. Seemingly, their intention is to “…hold the South African Government to Account.” Above all, the intention is for “AMSA…to unite South Africans with a common purpose of eradicating Corruption in SA”. Undoubtedly, they gain followers rapidly.

The posted video sparked reaction quickly. @Melaniejordaan5 says “I back my Sisi, My Sisi…Listen to the truth…Sis Peoples forum etc …its begun.” Meanwhile, @Kevin42245957 says it’s too late for him, he…closed his business…2 weeks ago…” So, “no more income for many families. Thanks to ANC policies.”

@ANCNkandla5 says “It’s time we stand up and get out of our comfort zones and do what we never even thought to do before. This is our government now, we have to fix it ourselves. We are on our own. Viva AMSA”

Watch the video below

Have your say. What do you think of Veronica Ncube’s statement?

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