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#ZimbabweanLivesMatter – But Do They To The African Union?

#ZimbabweanLivesMatter to a lot of people. But, do Zimbabwean lives matter to the African Union? Current Chairperson Cyril Ramaphosa is being called on to make a statement. And, now reports emerge of journalists allegedly getting tortured by the state.


#ZimbabweanLivesMatter is a desperate call for help. Unfortunately, The African Union and South Africa stay silent about the arrests in Zimbabwe. The preceded and follow on from the 31st July peaceful protest. Importantly, other factors inclusive in the protests include the fact that Zimbabweans can’t access water or health care.

Recently, Kukurigo Voices published a Facebook post by Dr. Takudzwa Mudsingwa. Importantly he highlights the lack of equipment, medicines, operating gases, and nursing staff. Additionally, he says “Hospital…[Doctors] certify dead bodies rather than save people.”

Relentlessly, the pain and terror in Zimbabwe seem overly oppressive, according to many reports.  Seemingly, President Mnangagwa is out of touch with the realities faced by his people. Desperately, he is pointing to actions by ‘dark forces’. However, Twitchers argue he and ZANU-PF are the ‘dark forces’.

Also, African Authors and writers call for Zimbabwe’s expulsion from the African Union

Journalists allegedly tortured after #ZimbabweanLivesmatter protests

A recent interview by ENCA suggests that pro- #zimbaweanLivesMatter torture of journalists becomes the norm. Duduzile Ramela spoke to Zenzele Ndebele and explained that fearful journalists hide out at the moment. In fact, It seems that the government returns to a stance of non-negotiation. One more, police brutality emerges in a nasty re-run of the bad old days under Rober Mugabe.

It seems that every single time Zimbabweans hoped for a better future, their hopes crashed down. Initially, when President Mnangagwa took over rule, people hoped for a new order. Especially, after he talked about the county opening for business. Right now, the country looks a long way from that happening.

Remember to check back with SANs Newsfeed often for more news about #ZimbabweanLivesmatter.


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