Anti-ANC powergap

Anti-ANC Sentiment Rises – If Ramaphosa Goes, Who Fills The Power Gap? (Editorial)

Anti-ANC feelings run very high on social media these days. In fact, #VoetsekANC and #ANCMustFall trend frequently. People of all colors and status tweet out their frustration over corruption and the way the NCCC deals with the coronavirus. Continued bans on business activities see mounting job losses. Plus, allegations of nepotism amongst the government rises. People call for President Ramaphosa to step down. Or at least, they look to a new party or president in the next elections. But, clearly, there’s a power gap and division as to who could step into the role.

Anti-ANC sentiment rose after COVID-19 arrived

A lot changed in the last five months. The country went from democracy and into the big slide towards radical socialism very fast. People complain about it all the time on social media. They talk about how the constitution allowed freedom of association. It allowed people the right to conduct business and attend churches. Then, it granted basic rights to freedom as people voted in a government to represent their desires for jobs, safety, rooves over their heads, and access to impartial courts.

Initially, the president encouraged people to engage in dialogue on how to move forward. Instead, repeatedly, people who try and speak up get ignored. The rights of association disappeared. Court cases ended up delayed, or with seemingly incomprehensible outcomes. Alcohol and tobacco bans see giants totter and potentially millions of jobs disappear. People get arrested and marched off in handcuffs for stepping on the beach. One even got arrested for not exercising fast enough. Others visit the magistrate for not wearing masks or buying a cigarette. Unless you happen to be one of the elites.

Draconian rules, brute force, and socialist rule

Much like many communist countries, politicians encourage the people to “dob-in” anyone who breaks the new laws of the land. Draconian rules make it seems rather as if we all live in a radical communist country where dissent gets met with brute force. Democracy seems a sad and distant memory and people fear it spills over into post-COVID-19 life. Is it any wonder that Anti-ANC sentiment rises?

Whether the ANC sat as liberals or socialists before the lockdown seems a moot point now. For the average voter, they just look inflexible and draconian, all led by a weak president, critics suggest. And it’s widely believed that a lot of his actions come from the internal threat of ANC factionalism. Some people on Twitter call for the EFF to take over.

But if that happens, opening the economy seems even more unlikely as they seem set on a path of total lockdown for however long it takes.  And, as Far-Left socialists, the future potentially looks even bleaker than the current circumstances, some people think. Bear in mind, some people believe the EFF simply started off as the ANC that the ANC couldn’t publically endorse.

Who replaces Cyril Ramaposa in the power gap or positively changes the ANC?

Plenty of people who feel anti-ANC hope for change from within the political party. Many of them suggest a younger, bright, and credible female from within the party. But are there any? In a poll conducted by Melanie Jordaan, it seems almost unanimous that corruption’s just too entrenched in the cadre system. Only 15 percent of voters suggested a young and innovative female in the ANC. And, none of them could name one.

Nobody wants Cyril to step down and then we end up with someone like David Mabuza who virtually disappeared from sight during the lockdowns. And, increasing anger against Dlamini-Zuma would probably see most of the country howling with outrage if she took over after the way she handled the lockdown regulations. So, if Cyril steps away, a power gap exists. At least, in terms of someone who could take the country forward in a positive way within the ANC.

The DA – Might Anti-ANC voters put them in power?

The DA’s popularity rises this year. And, they might seem sufficiently liberal to attract more black voters. After all, they vocally denounce Apartheid. But, lingering propaganda and relentless accusations they want minority white rule keeps many black voters away. In fact, on Twitter, some black people would rather drink battery acid than be seen to vote for them. There’s always the silent vote to consider, but it probably won’t sway enough votes for a majority win in any election.

Pretty much, the only person who might slot in-between the ANC and the DA could be Herman Mashaba, the new kid on the political block. We reported in June, that “Instituting cut-backs as Mayor of Johannesburg, he redirected it to the poor. Potentially, this seems the kind of governance South Africa wants.” And, he seemed particularly concerned about the fiscal crisis and budgeting. So, it’s no wonder that the idea of The People’s Dialogue appeals across a wide range of the Anti-ANC voter base.

Anti-ANC outrage could tip it Mashaba’s way

In fact, the Daily Maveric pointed out, “the sheer outrage of society at alleged corruption may be enough for him to score serious points here. He has spoken against corruption many times, and presents the face of someone against whom no serious corruption allegations have been made.”

What are your thoughts? Who might step in and make positive changes if Cyril Ramaphosa steps down? Is there just too much of a power-gap in the ANC? Could the next elections see Herman Mashaba gain enough ground to make a difference in efficient opposition or even as a new majority? Sound off in the comments below.

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