Brand south africa corruption

Brand South Africa Responds To City Press Report On Freestate’s PPE Corruption

Brand South Africa responded to an article about the Freestate’s PPE tenders and corruption.  According to an article by City Press, COVID-19 PPE’s suppliers landed incorrectly awarded tenders. As a result, suppliers get linked with Ace Magashule. However, Magashule denies any corruption at any level.

Freestate tenderpreneurs named – not shamed

Freestate tenderpreneurs targeted in the article deny their relationships with Magashule lead to their multi-million Rand contracts. Continuing, the article says several of the companies never registered with CIPRO. Additionally, Magashule insists there is nothing wrong with awarding contracts to family members. As a result of media exposure, Magashule throws up smoke and mirrors, it seems. Recently, in an interview with SABC, he suggested he is being targeted in order to distract investigators from the real culprits.

Meanwhile, Brand South Africa released a vague, non-committal statement around corruption. Notably, citing the matter as sub-judice. Continuing, they say that “the Minister in the presidency is aware of the allegations in this regard and will respond in the appropriate time.” Additionally, Brand SA says the media needs to be objective. PLus, they should “allow the “Presidency to ventilate the issues at hand in order to make pronouncements at a later stage.”

Now would be a good time to look at Brand South Africa

In a recent interview, Trevor Manuel, former Minister of Finance quoted exact legislation in this regard. Importantly, he says this legislation specifically outlaws cabinets members and their families may not benefit from their positions of trust.

Continuing, Manuel says, “The Act calls for extreme due diligence to be applied to politically exposed persons and their first-degree relatives.” Meanwhile, current Finance Minister Tito Mboweni says “..the trust has been broken [there are] thieves assembling at his door.”

Replying to the article, AnnanKofi@KukuSelloane says “Have you ever heard any ANC official in Free State criticising Ace, he/she will find him/herself on the streets, they will protect Ace like Nomvula said how she will protect Zuma.”

Leona Kleynhans from the Democratic Alliance says the only procedures required by the Freestate is to be friends with Magashule. A rather different take on it than Brand South Africa.

Notably, Magashule is being fingered for corruption, not for the first time. Importantly, is he untouchable? What do you think about the response by brand South Africa? Have your say here.

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