World Lion Day

World Lion Day A Welcome Relief From South African COVID-19 Posts

World Lion Day follows Women’s Day in South Africa. Over the weekend, a lot of political and COVID-19 posts got shared on social media. But, Lion Day brings a welcome relief from those angry posts about corruption and the way the NCCC handles the coronavirus. Actually, it seems that the media focuses on a single theme these days – the virus and resulting political issues.

World Lion Day comes soon after Parks opening accommodation units

Until recently, the outlook for tourism looked gloomy. In fact, we reported that tourism in South Africa struggles under strict lockdown protocols. The Tourism Business Council of South Africa, (TBCSA) lobbied the government hoping for some easing of accommodation restrictions. That came to pass, as reported by News 24 three days ago. Certainly, the outcome looks a bit brighter for places like Kruger National Park.

With effect from August 14, the famous park accepts overnight visitors, albeit from local provincial residents only. But, it’s a step in the right direction. Finally, a crack opens in the door of the hard-hit industry. In fact, the virus regulations resulted in a potential one million job losses in the tourism sector. It seems rather appropriate that the news came just days before  World Lion Day.

COVID-19 fatigue on social media

The virus and the resulting anger at the way the government handled it, never grows old on Twitter. But, people become a bit fatigued with COVID-19. The news all seems bad. And, the lockdowns become exhausting, with no end in sight. People grow sick to death and tired of it all. But luckily World Lion Day came along, and certainly, on Instagram, slightly more cheerful posts arrived on Monday, August 10th.

National Day Calendar reports that World Lion Day got introduced in 2013. It’s a day when people around the globe celebrate these fantastic animals. South Africa’s very blessed that lions occur naturally and that they got reintroduced elsewhere like Addo National Park and on private land. The day, started by the National Geographic Big Cats Initiative, brings awareness about the conservation of lions. They not only help protect the animals but also work with communities who live in or near their natural territory.

Instagram posts about World Lion Day – a welcome relief from COVID-19

Over on Instagram, Kruger Park posted about reopening for accommodation. Plus, in another post, they shared about World Lion Day. So did other private reserves and wildlife operators.

Addo Tourism shared a photo of a lion and captioned it with, “If you’re in the Eastern Cape, we’re wide open for visitors – plan a weekend in Addo – more than you could imagine, closer than you think. We’re still wild…still amazing.”

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, iSimangaliso shared a stunning photo of the lions in the uMkhuze Game Reserve. They got successfully reintroduced there a number of years ago.

Did you know that August 10th is World Lion Day? Did you think it’s a welcome relief to read about lions instead of COVID-19 for a change? Sound off in the comments below.

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