WHO in South Africa

WHO Team Greeted By Mkhize But SAns Fear More Draconian Lockdowns

WHO sent the first 16 of over 40 people to South Africa. They arrived this week. Dr. Zweli Mkhike sounded excited about their arrival. But, citizens concerned about the drastic impact on employment and the economy don’t sound so overjoyed. Existing regulations devastated the economy. And, fury rages over the continued alcohol and cigarette bans. In fact, SAns now fear even more never-ending draconian lockdown regulations.

WHO arrives as COVID-19 cases lower in South Africa

The BBC reported on August 12, that “South Africa’s new coronavirus infections appear to be stabilising.” Additionally, the number of new infections in the country [fell] dramatically – the lowest since June.” In fact, the recovery rate at 75% sits well above the global average. As people grow hopeful for easing of some restrictions, particularly the alcohol and cigarette bans, some hearts fell when they heard the news the team arrived here.

In fact, the news came the day after the BBC also reported that Spain introduced a tobacco ban in public places following the advice of the WHO. The World Health Organization might be welcomed by our Ministry of Health, but people who lived under one of the harshest and longest lockdowns in the world seem rather sceptical. And, many of them believe that the WHO acts in the interest of China.

SAns react to the news the WHO team arrives in South Africa

Over on Twitter, unhappy Sans vented about the WHO. Here’s what some of them said about it:

  • “Who has been talking sh-t about the so called virus, been found out to many times to count, besides SA doesn’t even follow who guidelines, the new ones or scientific evidence. It’s all a fraud, and we know it, the educated part of South Africans that is.”
  • “We all sick and tired of coronavirus and lockdown, i think useless people will ask for extension for lockdown, we have feelings and we miss kissing our loved one.”
  • “Lift the f–king lockdown already. You can’t hide forever.”
  • “China lied, people died and WHO denied.”
  • “If you Truly claim to care for the well-being of our people [stay] far from the poisonous Gates linked Wuyan health organization @WHO.”

World HealthOrganization vilified on social media

Actually, many theories haunt the internet that the WHO acts in the interests of China rather than any other country. How much of that is true or is just conjecture seems unprovable. But, for the average South African, they associate the organization with hardship, poverty, lost jobs, and the loss of human rights guaranteed under our constitution.

What do you think about the WHO sending their team of over 40 people to South Africa? Do you think it leads to even longer draconian lockdowns? Sound off in the comments below.

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