Herman Mashaba

Herman Mashaba Looks To Early Elections- Gets Reality Checked

Herman Mashaba arrived as a new political option when the Electoral Act changed. It means South Africans may vote for specific individuals. Herman started the People’s Dialogue and launches a new party in August. Confident he already gained enough support, Mashaba said on Monday, that he hopes for early elections. However, on social media, a number of people reality checked him.

Harman Mashaba – a new kid on the political block

Back in June, we reported that Herman could change the political landscape in South Africa. His Political Dialogue got a lot of interest on social media. We also noted that “instituting cut-backs as Mayor of Johannesburg, he redirected it to the poor. Potentially, this seems the kind of governance South Africa wants.”

Initially, it seemed that Herman Mashaba intended to focus on the municipal elections. Then, in the long run, they planned to run for the next national elections. Additionally, we discussed Herman in another article about the “power gap” if Cyril Ramaphosa steps down. We asked, “could the next elections see Herman Mashaba gain enough ground to make a difference in efficient opposition or even as a new majority?”

Early election idea previously raised in July

Plenty of people look for a new party or at least a non-ANC president. There’s no denying the handling of the coronavirus and corruption saw anti-ANC sentiment rise this year. But, many people feel it’s too soon for Mashaba to attempt a race for national elections. These views got expressed on August 17, when Herman talked about raising the idea via eNCA.

In his tweet, Herman Mashaba wrote, “I will be live on @eNCA at 7:20 to discuss calls for early National Elections due to the current state of the country.” Actually, it’s not the first time he mentioned early elections. Back in mid-July, Herman wrote a piece published by IOL. He said, “bring the national and provincial elections forward from 2024 to 2021.” But, the idea comes with some flaws people believe.

Reality checked Herman Mashaba

Over on Twitter, some people enthusiastically embraced the idea of early elections. But others, even those who like the idea of his new party, cautioned him.

Here’s a few of those people who offered him a reality check:

  • @PutSouthAfrica1: “Calling for early elections not a good idea. Coalition to replace the ANC not organized enough yet. Not enough work done on grass roots level. Clear decisive policies are required to instill voter confidence. One shot at killing off the ANC…Do not blow it.”
  • @MshenguMzilikaz: “Mr Mashaba, we love the People’s Dialogue as much as you do and we see what the current regime is doing. Can’t we focus on building our own structure and forget about the ANC? Please.”
  • @TonnyGwebu: “But Mr Mashaba if you call for early elections don’t you think ANC will still win., I mean have you campaigned enough [because] trending on twitter doesn’t necessarily mean you will win elections. you still need to campaign in rural areas as well.”
  • @makgoba_molefe: “Your big mistake is that you think “likes” and “retweets” on twitter equate to votes at Elections…you gonna learn….rather work on building a solid ground for your party.”

What do you think about an early election call by Herman Mashaba? Do you think he should run with it, or is it just too early? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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