Award-winning cheese belnori Boutique Cheesery

Award-Winning Cheese Made In Bapsfontein Gauteng

Award-winning cheese deserves a mention to all South African foodies! Belnori Boutique Cheesery is based in the tiny town of Bapsfontein, Gauteng. Additionally, Belnori Boutique is a member of the highly acclaimed “Slow Food” organization. Belnori won Super Gold awards in a top International Cheese competition in 2018. Considering hardly anyone could pinpoint Bapsonfontein on a map, that seems an amazing achievement.

Award-winning cheese – one of the world’s top 16 cheeses

In a contest featuring over 3,472 cheese from over 40 participating countries, classification as one of the top 16 seems like no mean feat. According to their Facebook page, Norman and Rina Belcher pamper their precious herd of Swiss Saanen goats. Importantly, Norman’s ‘lovely ladies’, as he calls the family goats, happily reside on the pretty property of the Boutique factory. They look in mint condition and their milk’s considered wholly organic.

Norman and Rina recently made some changes to their beautiful country estate. Importantly, the public may now visit the forested property. Additionally, the garden offers a chance to order cheese platters and coffee before buying cheese from the wide, and delicious range offered by Belnori. Check out their Goat’s Milk and Thick Creamy Yoghurt. Plus, they stock “Raw Honey harvested from bees feeding in a Kiaat forest.”

Well worth the drive from Pretoria or Johannesburg

Furthermore, Belnori opens from 09h00 until 15h00 on Saturday and Sunday. And, it’s well worth the drive into the countryside. They also open during the week and on Public holidays. You’ll find it at 220 Norman Rd, Nest Park XT1, Bapsfontein, 1519, South Africa.

Norman, justifiably proud of his ‘lovely ladies.’ largely takes responsibility for them. Interestingly, he and Rina make the cheeses themselves. Rina’s feminine perfectionist hand is clearly stamped on the final products. Masterchefs planning menus around specific cheeses know Rina and Norman deliver on their requirements.

Why wait for the weekend?

Saturday is a little way off. Serious cheese fans need to visit as soon as they can. You won’t regret it. Actually, the place sits equidistant between Irene, Centurion, and the Benoni surrounds. Just 20 minutes from the N12 at Snake Road in Rynfield takes East Randers there. Driving from Irene, the drive’s pleasant as it passes the countryside and farms alongside the Rietfontein Nature Reserve.

Satisfied visitors commented on Facebook. One said, “This is a Super Happy Place! Here people do things Timeless and with Great Passion! Rina you are just great!” Another person noted, “We came all the way from Belgium to travel to South Africa and had a wonderful visit of your farm and cheesery…Enjoy and keep up the great work!.”

We sampled some of the goodies there recently. So, with Level 2 lockdown here, at last, why not take a drive and check it out soon?

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