Corruption – Is It Best Way to Get Promoted In The ANC?

Corruption seemingly hinders nothing when it comes to advancement in politics in South Africa. Citizens express disgust and surprise at the news of Zandile Gumede’s promotion. She moves to the KwaZulu-Natal legislature for the ANC.

Corruption allegations against the disgraced mayor

Zandile Gumede and 17 of her co-accused got arrested by the Hawks for tender irregularities. Subsequently, Gumede got released on R50 000 bail. Apparently, the raid involved homes and luxury vehicles. As a result, multiple goods were seized by the asset forfeiture unit late last year. Furthermore, to date, the ANC never requested that Gumede appear before a disciplinary committee.

Twitchers express their disgust

Social media quickly responded to the news. @Natz_online, an ANC supporter who voted for them in the last election complained. They said, “Zandile Gumede Bad move @MYANC.” They added, that they voted for Zandile. But, they feel “gatvol of corrupt officials being redeployed instead of being criminally prosecuted! Do better!”

 Others sounded more explicit. The #VoetsekANC hashtag trended from anger to dismay. Importantly, one or two fair-minded people say “innocent until proven guilty.” However, the missing money adds up to more than R400 million. So, ratepayers want answers from the former Mayor.

@jazzanian9, pulling no punches said, “It’s clear to all and sundry that the ANC is beyond redemption. #VoetsekANCDictators”

OUTA, (Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse) lament the never-ending corruption that goes  unpunished

Tolerance for corruption at an all-time low

With the ongoing Zondo Commission and the subsequent loss of funds meant for COVID-19, people become aware of the scope of corruption. And it sits badly with many grassroots voters these days. Incredulously, @badhat6 noted, “KZN former mayor Zandile Gumede has sworn as MPL meanwhile she is currently on R50 000,00 bail.”

Angrily, Tim Modise noted, “In an interview on @eNCA #ZandileGumede insists to @SiphamandlaGoge that she’s been ‘deployed’ to KZN provincial legislature as she’s the servant of the people. She says the ANC comes first because without the party, there’ll be no South Africa.”

Actually, that also riles up the people. Many of them believe anyone acting in a position of authority should put the country first, not the party. How do you fee about corruption? Do you feel that politicians see no shame in it as they get promoted anyway? Sound off in the comments below.

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