Activist Paul David

Activist Paul David Died With Concerns Around ANC’s Governance

Activist Paul David worked during South Africa’s apartheid-era. The government of the day faced off with those who tried to change the status quo. Paul David was one of them. A respected lawyer hailing from KwaZulu-Natal, he never stopped fighting for justice.

Activist Paul David concerned at aboutANC corruption

Activist Paul David went to his grave with concerns around the ANC’s corruption. Previously, this activist stood side by side with the likes of Pravin Gordhan. Furthermore, Gordhan himself described the man as “the activist’s activist”.  Additionally, Paul David continued to fight for justice, largely pro-bono until his health failed him.

What has power done to the ANC?

Specifically, according to New Frame‘s article on August 21st, David requested a private funeral. Additionally, David’s close confidants say this was to ensure no grandstanding by politicians. Especially, he did not want his funeral used as a platform to justify corruption. Ironically, recent justifications by ANC leaders around family and friends profiteering from COVID relief validate David’s last wishes. Sadly, right to the end, Paul David expressed his concerns around the effect of power on the ANC.

Tributes pour in for David

Appropriately, tributes for David flood in for his family and friends: Including, one from President Rampaphosa  who says “The passing of Paul David as the last member of the Consulate Six is a great loss to our country and especially to the people of KwaZulu-Natal, alongside whom he exerted himself in the trenches of struggle,”

AMSA (Activists Movement of South Africa) demand more. Veronica Ncube says that the ANC sidelined Coloured and Indian activists and calls for a street to be named after Paul Davids. Additionally, in a video posted on AMSA’s Facebook page, she reminds South Africans that Coloureds and Indians need more recognition in post-apartheid South Africa.

The Kathadra Foundation sent condolences to the family.

Appropriately, at David’s online memorial, Gordhan said “Paul David understood that sacrifice cannot be compromised by greed. ”

Movingly, Satish Dhupelia of the Gandhi Development Trust says, “Many young folk[s] might never have heard of him and other past heroes, but the freedom you enjoy today was because of such unsung heroes who have remained untarnished by the cloak of corruption that some others have embraced”.

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