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Boxed Wine In SA Might Be Size-Limited, Brits’ Demand Skyrockets

Boxed wine in three or five-litre containers might become a thing of the past in South Africa. While the alcohol ban got lifted, industry players focus on making consumption safer for everyone. That may involve size-limitations of wine in retail outlets. Meanwhile, in the UK, the demand for boxed wine goes through the roof as consumers create a massive demand for it.

Brits go crazy for boxed wine during the coronavirus

MSN reports that the demand for boxed wine rose astronomically as a result of the coronavirus. While alcohol never got banned in the UK, pubs closed for a while. And, even as the virus eases off a bit, people become used to social distancing. While they stayed away from bars and drank at home, more people went for picnics than boozing in pubs. That lead people to discover the joys of boxed wine.

For a start, it stays fresh for a long time. Plus, it’s cheaper than bottled wine. Drinking at home became the norm and that meant bulk boxes made for fewer journeys to the shops for more alcohol. The outlet noted that The Co-op…bolstered its…box range by an additional six wines in order to meet demand.” Meanwhile, Sainsbury’s “reported a 41% rise in sales across its bag-in-box wine since UK lockdown.” Notably, people also like it as it’s more environmentally friendly than glass bottles.

SA consumers might only get much smaller wine options

Meanwhile, back home in South Africa, famous for its wine, possible size-restrictions come. Business Tech reported about the proposal ahead of the weekend. They noted that “industry spokesperson, and corporate relations director at Diageo, Sibani Mngadi,” talked about it. Sibani mentioned that the alcohol industry “pledged to invest upwards of R150 million in harm-reduction programmes over the next year.”

Some of that extends to addressing drink driving, gender-based violence, and even drunk walking! Apart from that, they look at ways they can help prevent binge drinking. Naturally, during the alcohol ban, zero percent brands became rather more popular. Possibly, they hope more people continue drinking them. Then, they hope, for an ID system to prevent underage purchases. But, they also proposed reducing the amount of alcohol people may purchase. So, drinkers may wave goodby to those big boxed wines.

Proposed maximum wine container sizes

The idea of dumping larger boxed wines came from “professor Charles Parry of the South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC).” He suggested that drinking out of large containers results in “heavy drinking.” He proposed that beer and cider should only be sold “in 500ml bottles.” he also suggested that “wine and spirits should be limited to 750 ml.”

The Wine Industry in SA took a huge hit during the lockdown. And, some of the producers may never recover from it. It seems ironic, given that the UK demand for boxed wine sees a sharp rise in consumer demand.

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