Herman Mashaba

Herman Mashaba – Is He The Answer To South Africa’s Problems?

Herman Mashaba, the former mayor of Johannesburg, is the new face in South African politics. Moreover, he launches his new political party this Saturday, 29th August. Apparently, South Africans want change and Mashaba highlights six issues he will start with.

Herman Mashaba addresses six issues citizens

In a webinar hosted by Tim Modise for Today, Mashaba handled public questions with ease and aplomb. Furthermore, he listed six basic objectives his new party hopes to address. One: his party will be non-racist. Two: the party will promote an economy driven by a free market, thereby addressing unemployment. Three: social injustice issues will be addressed.

Moreover, Mashaba was at pains to point out that inequality amongst South Africa’s people increased since 1994 under the ANC leadership. Importantly, his fourth point is to re-establish the rule of law. Thus providing justice for all citizens and the protection of women and children. Finally, the fifth point listed is electoral reform. Thereby, ensuring delivery to South Africa through appointments for competent people, rather than friends and family.

Citizens are ready for broader voting options

Herman Mashaba is a self-made millionaire. Additionally, his short tenure as Mayor of Johannesburg shifted the municipality from heavy debt into the black. Moreover, such an achievement is so impressive, people want more from Mr. Mashaba.

Perceptively, citizens of South Africa feel let down by the ANC. Seemingly, unpunished looting at the expense of the poor is finally proving too much for SA voters. Regrettably, the Democratic Alliance’s continued ties with Helen Zille combined with a relentless telephonic campaign in the last election that lost them votes. Obviously, Julius Malema’s EFF and their ‘take back the land’ rallying cry appeal to many. Unfortunately for Malema, new World Bank loans may well shelve that for a while.


Undoubtedly, revelations around COVID-19 corruption further alienated voters. Additionally, the hashtag #VoetsekANC is fueling citizens’ justifiable anger.


Shockingly, in the midst of COVID corruption, Zandile Gumede received a promotion within the ANC. Furthermore, ANC supporters express outrage.

Possibly, one online comment is indicative of hope. According to a commentary on BizNews, following an article on Mashaba, someone identified as This side of X  posted ” … how he and a friend got to work for Herman Mashaba at a time when life for the young men was ‘difficult’ and ‘desperate’. This side of X only realised later that the two men were doing the job of one and that the man who gave them gainful employment had done so out of empathy …”

Can Herman Mashaba be the difference most South Africans want? What do you think? Shout out your thoughts in the comments below.

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