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Sexual Orientation Education In South Africa Fires Up Twitter

Sexual orientation education debates trend on social media in South Africa. The subject galvanizes both those in the LGBTQ community and plenty of others.

 Sexual orientation education debate kicked off by entertainer Lasizwe

Sexual orientation civil rights are liberal in South Africa. Notably, the country features as the only African state that permits same-gender marriage. Recently, Lasizwe, a South African entertainer set a cat amongst the pigeons through a tweet. There, he suggested sexual orientation teaching in schools.

Twitterati debate storm

As a result, his simple question created a storm. Twitterati posted debates ranging from agreement to racism.

Actually many, sexual educators agree with Laziswe. But, even they seem reluctant at pinpointing an appropriate age. Comments reacting to the tweet covered a full range of emotions.  @Munyai_Gundo commented,Wena teach your own kids and leave our kids out of this nonsense of homosexuality.” Meanwhile, @Mr Handsome_ZA calls out those with same-gender preferences. He feels people have no right dictating hoe parents should raise their children.

Interestingly, Buta states a clear argument, suggesting his education about heterosexuality didn’t make him straight.

Additionally, Simon agrees that education potentially reduces discrimination.

Others seem infuriated by the suggestion.

Professor Labby Ramrathan

Interestingly, according to the article in IOL, Professor Labby Ramrathn from KwaZulu’s School of Education made a good point. Labby said, “There are high levels of violence in our communities towards people [with differences]… we need to expose our learners … as early as possible … but what should be exposed at what level is a question that needs wide consultation.”

Additionally, Ramrathan points to a five-year-old’s techno capability as an example of how children adapt to a range of things.

Importantly, almost all the educational experts and unions commenting, seemed positive and open. However, no one seems prepared to indicate at what age sexual orientation may be introduced.

Meanwhile, One tweeter thinks people should leave the kids alone.

What do you think? Shout out in the comments below.

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