Shire horses

Shire Horses – Lunch With These Magnificient Horses In Bapsfontein

Shire horses are always a treat for horse-lovers. Are you looking for a treat? Visit TroDam Shires for lunch. TroDam Shires is a small farm near Bapsfontein in Gauteng. Additionally, it’s an easy drive from Johannesburg or Pretoria and the Shire Horses are worth the drive.

Lunch with Shires

Lunch with Shires is a new project for TroDam Shires in Bapsfontein. Importantly, Shire horses are verging on extinction. Furthermore, in 2016 worldwide estimates of numbers hovered at 1500. Technically, this lists them as an endangered breed, with lower numbers than Pandas whose numbers hover around 1800 worldwide.

Originally, Shires were Britains tractors before mechanisation. Happily, this breed, bred to haul heavy loads, love being put to work. TroDam Shires offer a ride on a wagon powerfully pulled by one of the only 2 stallions in South Africa, Niel. Interestingly, this giant stallion is as gentle as a lamb. Furthermore, anyone who is nervous around horses should meet the Shires at TroDam, as their sweet natures are evident.

A day in the countryside with shire horses

Bapsfontein is part of the Agricultural hub of Ekuhuleni. Moreover, the farms all fall into the Elandsvlei Conservancy area. Obviously, this encourages visits from birders, botanists and even arachnid fans. Along with having the best cheese in the country, you may now book a lunch with Shire horses.

What you may expect

Catering for up to six people at a time, TroDam is offering a unique luncheon. Following, a warm welcome from hostess Nicola, Jaylene settles everyone in the wagon and Niel sets off around the farm. Fortunately, the wagon is modern. It is well sprung, and apart from an initial lurch as Niel sets out, the ride is smooth and enjoyable for all ages.

Jaylene, as diminutive as the Shires are large, is a safe and confident wagon driver and Niel responds to her well. A pleasant ride around the farm ends in a small forested grove where lunch awaits.  Nicola presents a typical ploughman’s plate with cold meat, preserves, pickles, fresh bread and cheese. Additionally, homemade iced tea is served. It is a cool and welcome drink. Pudding and coffee follow before Niel returns from his own lunch to haul guests back to their vehicles.

The cost is R300.00 per head and booking is essential.

Furthermore, you may buy the delicious Apple Cider Vinegar made at the farm.

See you there soon!

You may message or email enquiries or bookings to or Whatsapp 0716409593.

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