Mr Zuma letter

Mr Zuma’s Beautifully Written Letter To President Ramaphosa

Mr Zuma, the former president, penned a letter to President Ramaphosa. In it, he claimed that Ramaphosa insulted former ANC heroes by writing a letter to the ANC citing corruption as a problem within the party.

Mr Zuma’s well-written letter

Undoubtedly, Mr Zuma made several good points listing the stalwarts of the ANC and their vision for South Africa. Additionally, he momentarily wavered on the edge of accepting responsibility for the current crises. Zuma said, “When the founders of the African National Congress gathered … on eighth of January 1912, they sought to defend the limited civil and political rights of the African people.”

Mr Zuma added, “They sought to free the African people from the bondage of colonial and white minority rule. They established for us a giant movement and a set of socio-political values that would, for decades, rise above the poor moral values of segregation, of racist laws, forced removals and the subjugation and maiming of the African people within the SA society.” Furthermore, the paragraph ends with “We cannot accuse their movement when it is us as individuals who undermine its legacy.”

‘It is us individuals who undermine [the ANC]’

Importantly, this point is inarguable. Continuing, Mr Zuma says “… heroes paid the highest price fighting for our freedom and in defence of the ANC. We should therefore never implicate them when we … individuals, are accused of corruption and misconduct.”  Thereafter, he says he [Zuma] is a scapegoat for ANC failures. Furthermore, Zuma reverted to Gupta and Bell Pottinger-inspired rhetoric, citing WMC as being the root of Mr Ramaphosa’s letter about corruption.

Moreover, Mr Zuma’s threats of ‘exposure’ of party members is not new. Specifically, his letter targets Mr Ramaphosa as being a beneficiary of dealings whilst Deputy President.  Arguably, it may be true. Zuma says “Maybe, Mr President, this is the … time to tell our members whether during the so-called “nine wasted years” … your companies ever did business with government … while you were Deputy President of our movement …”

South African’s have their say on Mr Zuma letter

Justice Malala, rubbishes the letter saying,

Likewise, Adam Habib agrees saying,


John Baloi@Dijosti, feels the letter is a last-ditch attempt for Zuma to avoid prosecution, “…Zuma is to be subpoenaed to appear…expect more fightback…”

Carl Niehuis lauds Zuma in a tweet and Twitchers erupt, saying Niehuis penned the letter.


What do you think of Mr Zuma’s letter, South Africans? Have your say.

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